Argo Science Division Status Update


Stardate 91078.2

To: Science Division Project Leads

Subject: Argo Science Division Status Update

Greetings. I am Commander Isunn, Deep Space Thirteen’s newly chosen Chief Science Officer. You may be familiar with my theoretical work in dark energy manipulation and containment, in addition to some of my less theoretical work in weapons development. As part of my efforts to familiarize myself with the division that I have been selected to lead, I am requesting that all relevant personnel provide me with a description and progress report on all currently ongoing projects and/or experiments. Please note that as a result of restructuring and refocusing, some projects may be put on hiatus through my discretion.

Commander Vaedros Isunn

(( Greetings, minions and/or sciencefolk! I am your new Science King! Behold, my science crown, and my throne, forged out of tricorders and science! Bow before your king! For Science!

In all seriousness, since something something creating arpee something something yes, all of my science childrens- please post in this topic with, uh, that thing I asked for in character. If you don't actually have something you're working on in-character, make something up. Also, at some point in the near future, I need all y'folks to get on so we can do an IC Science meeting for science.

Yes, all three of you. C'mon.

Science! ))

Stardate 91079.4

Re: Argo Science Division Status Update

Greetings Commander, and welcome to our Starbase. I am Doctor Osiangli, the base's Senior Physicist. Currently in ny lab we are finishing up a project which involves developing a replicator system that will allow one to replicate a tool ir material without being at a station. After that there are plans to work on cloaking devices or work on renewing the base's particle deflector shields.

Dr. Osiangli
((By the way, whose the third?))
*Bump!* So others will see and respond.
(I have a science toon, but she's assigned to a starship. However, if you need warm bodies for RP stuff I can have her tag along. Just no tea.)
*Glares angrily*
In the spirit of field of dreams, I think you should build the science RP, and the characters will come to it. That's my recommendation for the science division.

If you need some assistance with this, we can start a discussion about science plots. I'll help where I can. But, I'd love to see the science division take off again. Good luck!
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That is the plan. I've got several potential projects for us to technobabble through. It'll be great!
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The sciencers should show up to Lambda this week. Just sayin'.
oh we will.
(Assuming my hard drive finishes cloning in time.)