As Good As A Wink...

Hi everyone!

So, I haven't been here for long, but I've already had some pretty amazing RP moments. One of them, even if I had to leave halfway through, was the destruction of our home!!! So I figured, I would immortalize it in a way.

Soooo, I commissioned a piece of art! Couple of things before the picture!

1) The artist had never done Star Trek before!
2) I had to stick to a certain budget, so I had to limit myself to 10 characters. I chose the captains that were included in the AARs. I am so sorry for not being able to afford to put EVERYONE in the picture. :(
3) Placement was chosen by the artist after I gave a few connotations on the general vibe and feel of the situation and the characters.
4) Sorry, the USS Kassandra is the only ship on there. >.>
5) Some artistic liberty was taken. And it was based on the screenshots requested, so some of the details may not be 100% correct (I think some of the eye colors and skin colors may be off).

I hope you will still enjoy the outcome!

OK...with that out of the way. Here we go!



If you take any issue with it and want to modify something on your character or something, please let me know! I can't ask for further changes at the moment, but I'll keep them in mind for future projects. >.>

Again, hope you like it!

so many beards...
I know right???? XD
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I think its great!
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The MU version has all the beards reversed of course.

(Not really, but it should)
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This is so fudging awesome!
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So when are they starting work on the official Argo Manga? :p
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If I could afford it I would!
I've considered doing a STO comic in the past lol. I just can't commit to anything ever.
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Maybe it's a good thing I had to drop out of that event early. Don't think that image could have handled another beard.
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yeah either Tadashi or Alina would have been around if I was able to make it and we can't have that much enigma either.. heh.
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