Ascendancy Observations | To: CMDR-GEN Rellir

TO <CMDR-GEN Rellir>
SUBJ Ascendancy Observations


My observations and analyses are limited as I don't wish presume to tell you that which you already know.

However it's clear that these things are very prepared to further legitimize themselves within the greater galactic community.

Starfleet's lack of diplomatic response to that thing's arrival can be seen as strategic. The lack of proper diplomatic staff or flag officers allows Starfleet to make them feel less valued and likely was intended for the representative to notice and report back to his command.

It's quite clear what's happened but Starfleet's initial response will work in our favor. The strategy proposed they seem to intend to bring to command will meet their goals while simultaneously tying the Ascendancy into several longer aid-driven scenarios where treaties may become involved. This allows us more time and less observation as we will likely be remaining out of this part of the scenario.

Whether this was intentional or not remains to be seen but the Captain proposing this item that was generally initially approved of is Rihannsu, by Senatorial permission. Her connection to and awareness of our potential strategies (in general) should not be discounted as unintentional.

These creatures as a whole being allowed status as "people" is absurd, but I will offer this, khre'riov - my studies indicate Dominion cloning technology may have been used.

A potential scenario: Tal'Shiar technology not being used, it is possible part of the reason they're going through this whole charade - beyond the obvious - is that they may potentially be degrading at a faster rate than expected. Their few resources, in the coming years (which they will not survive to see) would be needed to conserve for future genetic repair and cloning of new individuals when one expires.

To be frank the Dominion clones for short-term. Vorta are not expected to live fruitful lives, nor are Jem'Hadar. The technology used for these idiots may simply not be enough to hold onto their lifespans without significant investment. Unless of course they're hiding Tal'Shiar technology aboard the few warbirds they do have. I doubt that though.

We must move swiftly and silently and it is possible Starfleet is giving us room to do so, through the lack of and certain responses seen last night. I have been in communication with Subcommander Aurelia regarding this, and I eagerly await further orders khre'riov. For now, I will observe.


Commander Thue i-Iuruth t'Xereth