At the Admirals Office

"Subcommander t'Illiahlae, you've been a valuable asset in the region. Your request will be worked on, in the mean time. Your sister will remain in her position as governor of Trian. This puts your house in great power, but now you carry a responsibility you can not deny. House s'Illiahlae is not grand, but it has potential to grow. Your next steps are what will make or break you in quadrant politics. Will you be trampled by the claws of the raptor or ride its back like a true rihansu?"

The romulan woman stood up and walked off. Pride in her step, back straight for once again her house was at the top of the list. Once more she could feel the beak of the raptor feed the power directly into her.
Once more her house was to be great. s'Illiahlae.