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Captain’s Logs

We had a lesson today about logs on a starship. Starship logs have been used ever since the ships weren’t starships; when they were just called ships. But it wasn’t just ships that used them, planes used them, cars used them. They were even used for people!

Basically, a log is a record of things that have happened. People used logs to track the hours they were flying, for example, in the old days when people did flying more than computers. These were important because if the pilot had flown more than a set number of hours, they could be very tired and make mistakes, causing crashes, for example on Korean Air Flight 801 in 1997.

Logs were also important to monitor data about the vehicle, which could be used in the case of crashes, or used by engineers to improve the performance of a machine.

Starship logs are very important to Starfleet personnel for these reasons. Engine logs can help starship engineers of how the engines are performing, operations logs can inform the operations department of how certain functions on a starship or starbase are being used, and even tactical logs can help tactical officers know which items have been borrowed from an armory.

Apart from data logs, logs can be made by members of the crew. Official logs such as the logs of the Captain and other senior officers can provide an insight into the decision-making of the officers. Personal logs can be used to record ideas or thoughts that can be acted on later.

Because of how important logs are in Starfleet, we’ve all been tasked with making a Captain’s Log for ourselves. It would be like a recorded diary.

I guess this counts as the first part of my log? Do I need to add more?

I’ll do it anyway, because I want good marks.

There was a really big fight on the starbase, I heard. It was real serious and everything. I heard that a Klingon flew from his ship onto the station and took down station security. But they got him in the end, because Starfleet wouldn’t just let a Klingon beat them.

I was almost late to class once because the turbolift broke. Luckily, I know many shortcuts all over the station and I got there just before the bell rang. I don’t know why I bothered. The teacher was late because of the broken turbolift so I took a shortcut for nothing.

Valentine’s Day is coming. All the girls in the class are huddling and whispering. They’re planning something. Maybe the boys need to huddle too. I don’t know what we’d talk about though. Maybe it would stop the girls from huddling. Or it might cause them to huddle more. More research might be needed to see if that is the case.

I’ll end this log for now. A supplemental could be needed later.