Attn: 38th Battlefleet | Visitors from The Union

To: 38th/All
From: ADM Perim

Subj: Visitors from ‘The Union’

Loyal servants of the Empire,

In a matter of days Battlestation Argo will receive a delegation of aliens from “The Union”. These visitors come to us from the distant reaches of the Gamma Quadrant and represent something rare and exciting in this day and age: a true unknown. Because of the vast distance separating them from our great empire we have yet to ascertain their level of technology, their fleet strength, or the precise location of their homeworld.

Because of this, we will greet this delegation in peace, and allow them to board and conduct whatever manner of diplomacy they intend. Every loyal member of the 38th is hereby directed to use this time period to gather as much information as possible from the representatives. Direct conversation is authorized. Active surveillance is authorized. Clandestine scans and covert boarding actions are authorized.

Rest assured, this “peace” will last only as long as they are willing to provide us with useful intelligence of their own volition. When we have learned all we can from them passively, we will seize the representatives and their vessels and continue the investigation in the traditional way.

Captains, please ensure your vessels are ready for combat. Agony booth technicians, make preparations to clear the usual riff-raff so that there is sufficient space for Union prisoners.

Admiral Neema Perim
Commanding, 38th Battlefleet