Battlestation 13 personnel, rejoice!

OOC This notice was found today on many of the public message boards aboard the newly reactivated battlestation

From: CAPT Varley, L.
Subj: Employment Opportunities

Soldiers of Battlestation 13!

Your encumbancy of thankless toil and tumult is at an end. I, Lady Lauren Varley, Duchess of Montreal, Captain of the I.S.S. Yamato, have returned to the Aldebaran sector to deliver you from your squalor aboard this hollow echo of our long lost battlestation. Yamato is recruiting for all departments. We have quarters aplenty and generous replicator access. Forsake your posting aboard this newly rechristened graveyard of Terran aspiration. Join the crew of the legendary Saratoga aboard our latest conquest and mark your place in history. Come earn your glory and your pay amidst the stars, where our kind belongs!

Glory to the Empress! Terra eternal!

Lady Lauren Varley,
Commanding Officer,
I.S.S. Yamato

OOC A few hours later, this image starts to circulate, although it is perhaps for different reasons.



OOCShortly after these chain of messages, the following audio message posts, clearly in Captain Iana Vel’s voice

“Do not believe the lies of the Emperor! They are putting the blinders on all of you! They only wish to subdue and control you!”

“I the captain of the ISS Forrestal, and my crew have cast off the shackles of oppression, and have declared our independence from the lies! Do not come for us, or you will regret it. We will free others, the Emperor’s days are numbered!”


OOC somewhere amongst the din of political mumbo-jumbo comes an ad that harkens back to a simpler time all the way from Earth.


To: 38th\All
From: CAPT Mohadeb
Subj: Your Subject Line


I am Mohadeb.

I have to tell you some things about Lauren.

She told us she was nice.

She told us she was our friend.

She told us don’t think, believe.

I believed her.

But I think I should have thought about it more.

She lied about being my friend.

Then she tried to kill me.

I am telling the truth and I have proof.

I have attached a transcript of her super encrypted call with the fugitive Iana Vel.

If you read it all you will see that she made a deal with an enemy of the empire to kill a hero (me) and damage the station.

I know it is really long but try to read it all.

She did this after she said I was her friend.

She did this because I was in her way.

I tried to make friends and she tried to kill me.

What will she do to you when she thinks you are in her way?

Don’t believe her when she says she is your friend.


CAPT Mohadeb
Commanding Officer,
I.S.S. Regular Ship :sob:

To: 38th\All
From: CAPT Mohadeb
Subj: Re: Your Subject Line

I forgot to attach the transcript file before but now it is attached.

CAPT Mohadeb
Commanding Officer,
I.S.S. Regular Ship :headstone:

//ATTACHMENT// msg_decrypt_100262.5182.txt