Bridging the Gap

This is meant to explain where Aev has been these past months, so while the format is OOC the info can be taken as IC.

With the massive influx of recruits resulting from the Delta Recruit PR campaign Romulan High Command also took the opportunity to train a number of their lower ranked officers on vital fields in the ongoing war. These new courses were tailored to fit a year of instruction into only a four month period. Classes ran from 0600 to 1800 seven days a week and covered important aspects in the officers career path as well as the finer points of military etiquette, physical fitness, weapons training, tactics and briefings on a number of key delta quadrant species. While the primary focus was on each officers career path prior to joining the program hard lessons learned on the battlefield led to the program introducing cross training to ensure officers were competent in the basic functions of other career tracks. This ensured the ability to function even after combat losses on a warbird. Realizing the dangers of a strictly academic curriculum a large portion of time was spent hands on using a number of old imperial vessels. By course end the junior officers returned to their respective postings with a much deeper understanding of their fields and the fields of the colleagues.

Having already been assigned an intelligence posting on Deep Space 13 Aev joined the intelligence track of the program. This branch focused largely on methods of collecting information and equally important, being able to present that information in a concise manner. Aev’s natural ability to collate data from various sources and combine it into actionable intelligence was greatly improved during the training. In addition the courses on weapons and tactics allowed him to become more comfortable with the use of firearms. By no means an expert, Aev became at the least capable with basic weapons. Cross training had the most benefit in the engineering track. He soaked in knowledge about the various singularity cores in service on Republic vessels as well as how to properly maintain them and effect up to mid-level repairs. He served as both intelligence officer and assistant chief engineer on a number of training cruises.