Brief on the SFK, TFA peace meeting.

To: Agent Potak
From: Agent K'Mnti
Subject: Observations from the SFK/TFA peace meeting.

Overall, the meeting was successful despite the past history both groups share. The Commodore was a gracious host and negotiator (his intelligence files corroborate this observation) while the Lt. General managed to show strength under pressure.

It is this agents suggestion that Intel should pay particular attention to the Romulans currently serving with TFA. There was a mere sub lieutenant present at the meeting, but his highly vocal behavior leaves me to believe that he should be placed under observation. Our operatives in the Republic can take care of that task.

While this agent made contact with a particular doctor, it is unlikely that any intelligence can be gained from this contact. Although she does show a proficiency in the use of various substances, it is unlikely that she can be turned or coerced into working for Klingon Intelligence. It is this agents opinion that she would have done well, working in an interrogation unit.