Calling Voices

The huge USS Atlas sat quietly in space, the USS Azorious just off its bow, the ships were two thirds of Mercury Squadron's combat power in the Beta Ursae sector. On board the Atlas, Dae stood alone in his ready-room, a single PADD in his gloved hands clasped behind he back. He was listening to the holographic image of Lord Tarhim, as it droned on. "He finally broke, and gave us the location of another base, near the Badlands. This could be it. We may have finally found the location of Polan Derak, himself, the leader of Moset's Shroud."

Dae nodded, slightly excited at the possibility of bringing to a close his long battle against the Cardassian separatist that had done so much damage to him. "This will be it. The USS Challenger is in the sector. I will call it forward and we will make for the system right away."

Lord Tarhim's hologram seemed slightly concerned. "Do not hesitate. Defeat their ships, then destroy the base from orbit. We must not let a one of them escape, for justice to finally be met against those that have taken so much from us."

Dae's head turned down, slightly. "They will not see another sunrise. What of you and your ships? Will you be en route?"

Lord Tarhim pauses for a moment, then shook his head. "No... unfortunately, we cannot. While you are destroying their base, my forces are going to intercept a large convoy of their ships which seemed to have just left it, headed for deep space. Together, you at their base, and my ships at their convoy, we will finally wipe their insufferable existence from the galaxy."

Dae felt a twinge of conflict within him, but he nodded. "Very well. I will start preparations immediately."

Lord Tarhim's hologram smiled, slyly. "Avenge her, Dae." With that the hologram flickered and was gone.

Dae stood quiet and still for a long moment. He looked down, again, at the PADD in his hand. It was the report from the USS Kindred on the female Bajoran that was found at the supposed military base they had raided, a few months back.

Dae felt anger, confusion, frustration, confinement, and, possibly, a bit of guilt. Everything ran through his mind. For the first time in a while his path did not seem so clear cut. His goals not so defined. It was a deafening mad commotion of thoughts and considerations.

But then, for just a moment, it all seemed to stop. From the quiet he thought he heard, just the slightest whisper.... of something, perhaps his name? "....Dae...."

He strained his ears and held his breath, trying to hear more. Nothing came. As he breathed out, the mechanical respirator of his suit broke the moment.

He shook his head, looking around the empty room. He tapped his comm badge. "Lieutenant Commander Hadrian, contact the Challenger, and make preparations to get underway."
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