Captain Mel'lanie Kar'enil D'vichric

Mel'lanie Kar'enil D'vichric


Human/Valakian mix

Pending - In Between Transfers



• Attended and graduated from Altaer Military Academy, Berlin, Earth
• Attended and graduated from Terran Officer's Corps, Fortifications and Engineer Specialist
• Graduated from Terran Empire Naval Academy, top 3 percentile
• Commanded flotilla of frigates during Romulan Incursion of Terra
• Led Fortification and Heavy Assault Teams during Battle of Romulus, resulting in the capture of the Romulan Senate
• Awarded the Imperial Meritorious Cross of Valor for exceptional combat prowess heroic actions during Romulan War
• Commanded the I.S.S. Delerose, reported destroyed in skirmish between Romulan and Elachi forces


Captain Mel'lanie D'vichric, hailing from an alternate universe (though not to be confused with the Mirror Universe much of Starfleet is familiar with), began her career in the Terran Empire at an early age, her parents, both commanding officers within the Imperial Fleet, sending her off to the Altaer Military Academy of Berlin, on Earth. Upon her graduation, she enlisted in the Imperial Armed Forces, first as a Combat Engineer and Elite operative, later switching her career options to become commissioned. During her training at the Terran Officer's Corps Headquarters, D'vichric studied and graduated from the Advanced Fortifications and Combat Support School, excelling in her class and graduating with a 98% grade point average, earning her a top pick for Starship Command status. Her first command was a support frigate, the I.S.S. Hera. She proceeded to command her vessel in various patrols on the edge of Imperial Space, often dispatching rebel fighters and renegades with near ruthlessness. She continued her tour of security for two years until word had reached the fleets that the Romulan Star Empire launched an unprovoked attack into Imperial Space. The Romulan War had begun.

An incursion fleet of more than 500 Romulan warships had broken the Empire's borders, passing through her systems without so much of a warning or a shot being fired, and proceeded to assault the Sol system. During the Romulan Incursion, Earth was nearly destroyed, with billions of civilians casualties. However, the stalwart efforts of her defenders were not in vain. They sacrificed themselves for the precious time needed for a counter-assault force to form and break the back of the Incursion fleet, shattering their offensive with swift, brutal, and decisive action. However, it wasn't enough to simply break the offensive capabilities of the Romulans, but to prevent them from ever raising such a fighting invasion force again. And so D'vichric and her vessel were refitted as a ground assault and fortifications vessel, landing troops into battle and staging boarding actions against the Romulans as Imperial forces venture further and further into their space. The Terran Republic eventually fought their way to Romulus and Remus, blockading the system and preparing to utterly destroy the Star Empire once and for all. Imperial forces landed and took key defensive strongholds while destroyers and support craft bombarded the planet with orbital strikes and bomber runs. D'vichric led an assault on the Romulan Senate Stronghold, devastating their defenses utilizing techniques she'd learned and honed while in training. The Romulan Senate was captured within the hour as Imperial forces scoured the fortress. Within a matter of years, the Romulan War had begun and ended, with countless casualties and what's left of the Romulan civilization now under the rule of the victorious Terran Empire.

In more recent times, D'vichric AND her crew were transferred to multiple commands, finally finding there way to command of an Assault Cruiser. It wasn't long before the Terran Empire discovered a way to invade parallel universes, such as the Prime Universe (or PU). According to Mel'lanie, they were told that these universes were enemies of the Empire and had to be controlled, their resources required to strengthen the Empire. She volunteered soon after. As her invasion fleet arrived in the PU, they were quickly overwhelmed. They had appeared right in the middle of a skirmish between Elachi and Romulan forces. Without hesitation, she orders the fleet to fire on both Elachi and Romulan alike, destroying many of the opposition before her own vessel becomes overwhelmed and taken. During this time, D'vichric and her crew were held captive aboard a Monbosh-class Elachi Battleship. When questioned about what had occurred during this time, D'vichric refused to answer, deflecting the questions away with questions of her own. It is the hope of the Behavioral Medicine Department that she will speak to someone about these experiences. Eventually, she and her crew overwhelmed the Elachi crew and took the vessel for themselves. The vessel remains in control of D'vichric to this day, now reconfigured and reinforced with Federation and Romulan technology.

Currently, Captain D'vichric is between transfers, having defected to the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet. She and her crew had passed every test given to them and excel in combat situations. Her assignment is currently pending.