Captain's Log: Azatsinae Metraldaron




It's been far too long since I took my ship and crew into a real battle. The Barge of Death has been cruising about Imperial territories for far too long as I've worked on my various research projects. We've had to fend off pirates and other nuisances, and we've picked and plundered from those too weak to oppose us. All in all, in a tord: BORING. Boring and mediocre.

(I'll add more later ... time for bed DX Ugh ... )
The Honour of Profit

16 March 2013 - Foundry Mission
Spoiler: ShowShow

I was given a name a few days ago by one of my business associates. A Ferengi Merchant by the name of Garlianto, who was working a 'field office' on Drozana. I never have liked those big-eared money grubbers. What's the point in having all of that wealth if you don't put it to good use?

At any rate, Garlianto had a business proposition, one that I couldn't really resist: represent him at an auction for the last Varon-T disruptor remaining in existence.

The Auction was scheduled to take place on an Orion owned K-series space station in the nearby Donatu system; the auctioneer, Hendac, was himself representing a "mysterious client" of his own, who was putting the Varon-T up for sale through the Orion. Suspicious, where any of my own race is involved. I don't come unprepared, however, ESPECIALLY when one of my kind is somehow involved.

The station itself was a drab, dreary little spit of a place. There were suitable diversions provided for the guests while we waited for the auction to begin. I even managed to buy off the slave at the pathetic excuse for a bar. I've got her gainfully employed now, and she seems to be settling in nicely.

After making that particular transaction, Hendac offered me a pre-sales view of the Varon-T. As it turns out, I needed those precautions. See, the contract that I signed with that pathetic Ferengi included a clause in the sub-micron fine print, detailing the requirements for the death of Hendac. I was going to kill him anyways, but the miserable scum took away my surprise advantage. he didn't even fight me himself, just stood back and let his thugs get slaughtered.

And that's when everything went to pot, thanks to a Starfleet task force headed by some rigelian captain with a crusader's vengeance and an overinflated sense of self-importance. it wasn't difficult at all to get the various other auction-goers to consider their self-preservation, and with all of us banded together the obliteration of the Starfleet vessels was a foregone conclusion. They weren't on a legitimate mission, nor were they authorized to open fire first. We simply acted in self defense.

Afterwards, everyone scrambled to get their warp drives online, excepting for yours truly. The station had taken some damage, so I was able to beam over the entire containment unit holding the Varon-T before engaging my cloak and moving away. At that point, I don't think anyone really cared about it anymore. I don't know if Hendac survived Starfleet's attack against the station itself, but I can't really care, either.

When I confronted Garlianto about the little clause in his contract, the weasel beat feet and vanished faster than one can say Qapla'! I didn't give the disruptor to the Ferengi, either. it's still inside it's containment cell in my cargo hold.

I think I'll let it sit there.
General Kul has made a decision.

He has seen fit to allow the Gorn R'kar, known commonly as Duuz, to administer the new dilithium mine we've obtained rights for. Duuz's associates will be given the opportunity to work the mines, possibly with the assistance of suitable 'indentured services' I and my own come up with.

With all of the underlying tensions flying about the place, I've decided to keep an eye on this gorn and his 'associates.' Two networks should suffice. One for the observant to 'discover' and one much deeper and more elusive. That he's found the one should allay any suspicions on suspecting the other, provided theya ren't discovered TOO easily.

General Kul has given me tacit approval for my activities.