Cassini's Mission End Comic

The Cassini mission is ending early Friday morning. What this means is that the team will be purposely crashing it into Saturn to make sure it doesn't contaminate any of the future study that may be done on Saturn's moons.

I've been a 'fan' for a few years; following its twitter feed and cheering whenever it has made the news. I can't say I understand everything its work has revealed about Saturn and its satellites, but I've admired the team who put it in space and have been monitoring it nonetheless.

I saw this comic short on Twitter this morning, and I got a little sad. I don't know the artist, but I thought the fleet might appreciate it:

I really really like this, but somehow I feel like it cheapens the Rosetta spacecraft, which was I think the inspiration for this.

Either way, Cassini has done some awesome science and I am both sad and happy to see its mission end with such a successful and inspiring finale.

Thank you Cassini, will be watching on the 15th.
Oh, that's make me feel a bit sad firstly and then happy.
Cassini will give us all the info necessary to conquer Saturn, yeah!
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Well, almost....moving T.T
Cassini photos:

Appreciate this list in particular because the captions tell you what you're looking at, in case the photo was done in a different spectrum, etc.