Celestial Cruises


Privately Owned Corporation
Luxury Passenger Liner
9th November 2270
Altair IV
Home Ports:
Altair Station (Altair System)
Areas Served:
Galaxy Wide
Active Fleet:
7 Passenger Cruise Liners


Celestial Cruises, a branch of Carter Enterprises, is a civilian cruise company. The company pride themselves on luxury passenger travel, prioritising comfort and enjoyment over speed. Their routes span over the Alpha and Beta quadrants, serving popular routes like Earth-Risa and Bajor-Betazed. The company has a large number of famous patrons including one of the Presidents of the Federation.

Due to the popularity of the company, waiting lists for trips are very long; to get on the waiting list, you would have to book a trip sixteen months in advance. The company uses this exclusivity as a selling point to would-be customers.


Harold Carter, a wealthy business owner, had always dreamed of luxury transgalactic travel, harkening back to the days where vast passenger cruise liners would sail across the seas of Earth, providing service for the wealthy. It was with this vision he formed Celestial Cruises, in an attempt to capture that experience and bring it to the 23th century. The first ship, the S.S. Sarah Winnemucca, launched on the 10th November 2270, and from there, Carter's vision took off.

The company has operated non-stop since then. Whilst other companies prioritised speed of travel, Carter pushed his efforts into creating a fleet of high-quality liners, at a high price.

The company has also provided services to Starfleet at times, being used as troop transports, supply ships, and hospital ships during wartime.

At present, the company fields two types of ship; the older White Star Class Liner, which has been in service since 2387, and the newer Cunard Class Liner, which is due to come into service in late 2420, on the company’s 150 year anniversary.

Vessel Registry

All vessels are registered with the United Federation of Planets.

CUNARD CLASS LINER (due to launch 2420)
S.S. Kuyenda
S.S. Huakaʻi
S.S. Zarra

S.S. Juan Garrido
S.S. Pedro Alonso Niño
S.S. Erovan R’Zell
S.S. Akorem Laan

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