Character Directory release

Good evening, Argo.

Just wanted to let you all know of a new feature that’s been implemented for our Discourse forums and is now available. You’ll want to access the “Char Directory” in the top right dropdown menu (next to your profile picture) and it shows up just under Keyboard Shortcuts.

This listing contains just about every character that’s in the database, including Zenas characters. The filter search bar can help you hone in on certain names, factions, ranks, species, and job titles, as well as character statuses (active, inactive, npc, with more to come).

The dropdown menu below that is pretty much what it says; it’ll show a list of all the ICly usable ‘mailing list’ options and which characters are actually receiving those mails, so now when you get a notification and you’re not sure why, this ought to help.

Have fun!


Quick addendum:

I have added a number of ship player crew groups/mailing lists for all the ships in the fleet that currently have a recruiting status of “OPEN”, as defined by their ship info pages.