Character Sketches ... pro bono


As part of my initiative to stop putting my art practice on the backburner, I'm going to be doing pictures of characters.

I can't guarantee I will get to your character, or exactly when or how such a picture turns out. This is meant to be an improvement exercise and as such I don't want to really commit to anything if that makes sense? It has to be free from pressure for me to feel up to it :)

Please also keep in mind it may not be 100% perfect. I might be out of the lines, I might take artistic liberties, so on and so forth. In the end I'm doing this to experiment, so be understanding please ;)

That said, please post in this format if you'd like me to give a try!

Character name:

Reference picture/pictures:
(Ideally, this will be two pics if you want something specific. One should be a screenshot of your character that gives me a good idea of skintone and facial features. The second or more would be if you wanted a specific pose, expression, or to base things off of a specific actor or something :) )

That's all! If I can get to it, I'll post it over here - and if I have questions, I'll bother you :)

Please keep pictures in spoiler tags if you can - just to cut down on thread clutter!

Examples -
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I have thought about getting an artist to do pictures of some of my characters for a while, and if I'm honest I've considered asking you cause your arts good but I never got around to it. But since you're offering, sure!

Character name:
Alina Mandra

Reference picture/pictures:
Spoiler: Alina Dossier picShow

EDIT: People are adding their RL actor nods now and I guess why not, feel free to add some Willa Holland in if ya like, but not required.


I don't have any specific requests, feel free to be creative, doesn't even need to be in uniform, but that is ok. If I think of anything else, I'll come back here about that.

(I don't want to ask much at once, but I might consider adding a character later too if that's cool)
Well Tau you certainly have my attention! I would love to have something for Wilson.
Spoiler: PicsShow
Character name: Ricky Chance Wilson
Reference picture/pictures:
This is my staff photo of course but its a really good one of his face, ideally he his face looks like a mix of ron swanson and of course the above pic. For a pose you could have him smoking a cigar since thats a classic wilson thing to do, of course he would be in uniform as for anything else thats up to you :d

Character name: Alistair Nimitz

Reference picture/pictures:
Spoiler: NimitzShow
Character name:Konie

Reference picture/pictures:
Spoiler: Show
Per the which actor would play your character thread I chose a temporally stuck young George Clooney. If you could work some Clooney-esque things in there. Whatever apparel you deem is fine, you can throw him in a chicken suit if you want. :d


Clooney ..Klooney, Klonie, Konie. It was meant to be.
Character name:

Spoiler: EunhaShow
TOeIvn7.jpegY3WWwDo.jpeg (the bottom picture is who I tried to sort of make Eunha's face look like)

Character Name: Samuel Alexander Bishop

Spoiler: Show
(Sam has green eyes, the image kind of doesn't show it too well!)

If you wanted a pose and uniform to go off!

Thank you! :d
I feel like asking for a specific pose or real-life reference would be rather inhibiting, as what I'd really like to see is your idea of Caspius. After all, Tau (and you as his player) probably knows him better than anyone on the station!

I'm excited to see what you come up with if and when you get around to it!
What a great idea, and a generous offer! If you get around to it, I'd love to offer Josh as a volunteer:

Spoiler: In-Game AvatarShow

Spoiler: Real-Life EquivalentShow

Jay Tavare; Josh is younger, and blue-eyed.
Tilly Konieczko

Spoiler: Show


Shannyn Sossamon

Thank you!