Class in Session (Tyee forum RP)

Captain Thorn stood at parade rest at the front of a dimly-lit auxiliary cargo bay, a half dozen MACOs and Starfleet Marines stood in line a pace behind him. Students funneled into the improvised classroom and moved towards the chairs positioned in rows facing a dimmed viewscreen just behind Thorn and his officers. Thorn was pleased to see several yellow and blue-clad cadets mixed in with the group as they found their places. A small group of junior officers clustered at the back, helping the cadets find their seats before taking positions in the back two rows.

Thorn stood silently as the students talked amongst themselves for a few minutes. Eventually catching on to the seriousness displayed by Thorn and the soldiers behind him, the chatter dropped to a murmur before falling nearly silent.

Thorn took a step forward, "Greetings. As most of you know by now, I am Captain Thorn. I will be your senior tactical instructor for the duration of your stay aboard the Tyee." He waved a hand behind him to indicate the men and women standing behind him. "This is my team."

Thorn's team snapped to attention as one at the introduction.

"You'll be introduced to them through the course of training." He turned back to the students. "We are here for two reasons." He held up his first finger as he counted off his points. "First, to augment your security forces against the several threats cropping up of late."

"And second..." he keyed the display behind him, flooding the dark room with light and silhouetting the instructors. As the students' eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, a single phrase dominated the majority of the screen.

Someone out there wants to kill you. Are you going to give them the chance?

"To teach you to protect yourselves and those around you without us." He looked around the room briefly. "You are vital to the safety and survival of this ship and crew. You are at the forefront of protecting the Federation. You are the future of Starfleet."

Thorn dropped his hands and clasped them behind his back. "Now, before we continue, do we have any questions?"
Iago walked in casually to the room, unsure of whether there was some standard of what he was supposed to do, he shuffled on over to a seat and sat down. Listening to the speech and looking at the words, he couldn't help but feel a tiny bit sarcastic, he wanted to roll his eyes at the big phrase on the screen. But he just looked straight forward, remaining silent to see what there was there to be learned. He looked around, first at himself, vainly adjusting his position, he leaned forward in a bit of a slouch and put his hand under his chin. He looked up at the ceiling and then examined each of the MACOs one by one and then looked back at the students. He nodded slightly to himself, deciding that he would neither be overly confident or too timid to speak up. But when the the Captain asked if he had any questions, he had none.