Comm & AAR Templates (Canned Replies and Examples!)

:rainbow: Hello Argo!

With new forums comes new templates! We’ve put together some new formats for you to use to make your posts pretty again!

First, we’ll start off with some basic instructions on how to access these templates. The days of copy/paste are gone, say hello to Canned Replies!

Canned Replies (aka Getting the templates put directly into your post)

When you start a new topic in the Subspace Network the message box should auto-populate with a template appropriate to the Forum you’re starting in! In many cases, it’ll be that easy!

But you won’t always be starting a brand new topic, and there are plenty of times when you might want a template elsewhere. To get to the templates, you can click on the “cog” (:gear:) icon on the editor bar. From there, select “Canned replies” from the dropdown. This will produce a list of templates on the right side of the editor. In that list, you can click the clipboard (:clipboard:) icon to copy that template into the editor for you.

Next, let’s take a look at the actual new templates. There’s some hacky as #*@! ‘creative’ use of html and markdown in the templates, so I recommend taking a look through the descriptions below so you know how it works!

How to use the templates

There are two base templates available. One for AARs and one for comm messages. For the most part, all you need to do is replace the dummy-text in the template with the info you want to show, but you should be aware of the code that’s used to make the pretty parts of the post. The boxes below contain screenshots of the two templates with info on how they work:

AAR Template

The AAR Template is broken up into several sections. See the image below and the corresponding notes:
1. The top section makes the topic include a table of contents and creates the header box. There’s a 38th Fleet patch included. We don’t recommend it, but if you really want to swap out this logo, you can replace the imgur url.

2. This is the first box of the header. This generally contains the stardate. Simply replace 12345.6 with your own stardate.

3. The next header section is generally the name of the officer filing the report. Replace CMDR Yourname, Here with the report’s IC author!

4. Here’s where it gets tricky. There are three lines in the format <span data-clearance-########></span> where ### is the level of clearance you want to use. You do not need to type any text in here, just pick the clearance level you want to use and delete the others. The text and formatting will be added automatically for you.

5. Another section you probably don’t wanna mess with. This creates an overall title to be used by the table of contents.

6. The main body of the report is pretty self-explanatory. Section labels are enclosed in <abbr>Section Title</abbr> tags. Simply replace the instruction text with the contents of your report.

7. These lines separate major sections of the report. YOU MUST KEEP A BLANK LINE ABOVE AND BELOW THEM or it will BREAK THINGS. Please be careful of these!

8. The AAR Template ends with an OOC box. Add any OOC info you need to include in between the span tags and it’ll appear in a fancy OOC section.

Comms Template

The Comms Template is broken up into several sections. See the image below and the corresponding notes:
1. These lines open and close the header box. The blank line between clearance level and header info is also important. Careful not to delete them!

2. These parts of the template add logo images. They are totally optional, and you can remove one or both of them to produce headers with zero, one, or two logos. The default logos are the 38th Fleet patch and the DS13 triangle. Simply replace the image urls with your own if you want to change them. THE BEST SIZE TO USE IS 125x125. The box will resize your images automatically, but if you can use properly sized logos, you’ll prevent any weird scaling issues.

3. There are three lines in the format <span data-clearance-########><hr /></span> where ### is the level of clearance you want to use. You do not need to type any text in here, just pick the clearance level you want to use and delete the others. The text and formatting will be added automatically for you. (You can also delete all three clearances if you don’t want to use them at all.)

4. Header info simply needs to be inserted beside the appropriate label. You can add and delete lines from here (EXCEPT THE FIRST ONE) as you see fit, though if you have more or less than four lines, it will affect the size of the header box.

5. Finally, we get to your message body. Just type out and format your message as usual!

And that’s it! The next few posts contain examples of properly formatted AARs and messages so you can see how they look! If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you run into any problems, feel free to use #suggestions on discord or poke a staff member directly. Enjoy!

Filed By:
CRW Jexiril

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13

MISSION Security response requested to the promenade.

OUTCOME Several officers trampled. Spilled desserts declared unsalvageable. Perpetrators tracked to Vanilla or Bust, but Security failed to apprehend them.


  • VADM Rilem
  • LCDR Sedai
  • LT Kermit
  • CRW Jexiril
  • CRW Stevens

NARRATIVE Prior to Beta shift, Security Team 14-A-2 was dispatched to Deck 12, Section 24 for a disturbance. Upon arrival found a veritable crowd of personnel rushing down a corridor towards the commercial section. Their destination was later determined to be the newly opened Vanilla or Bust establishment.

Security witnessed several officers being trampled by the crowd, including VADM Rilem and LCDR Sedai. Though no injuries were sustained, several servings of ice cream were dropped to the floor and no longer edible.

Security tracked the crowd to Vanilla or Bust with the intention of making arrests, but unfortunately we became overwhelmed by the wide selection of delicious flavors and creative names. The suspects were able to escape while Security indulged in frozen treats.

RECOMMENDATION Security department meetings should be have better catering.

OOC I’m just making all of this up based on a very old joke. None of it actually happened, but IT COULD HAVE, OKAY?! Anyway, this is what an AAR should look like when you’re finished if you did the formatting correctly. If yours isn’t pretty, comparing to the templates might help you find what went wrong!


To: LCDR Sedai
CC: ENS Runningbear; CMDR T’irin;
From: LT Kermit
Subj: New Ice Cream Shop


You are not going to believe this. They opened up a Vanilla or Bust shop on the Promenade. That’s what we were all rushing towards, the other day. Sorry for trampling you, by the way. I just really wanted to get a cone of the new Pekhaaan flavor, before they ran out.

If it’s any consolation, I did manage to get there in time. I had my ice cream, and it was delicious. You should really try it some time.

Lieutenant James Kermit
Starbase Operations
Deep Space 13


To: LT Kermit @kermit
CC: ENS Runningbear; LCDR Sedai;
From: CAPT Perim
Subj: Trampling on the Promenade


It has come to my attention that you were involved in a stampede of officers, rushing from Operations to a new shop open on the Promenade, in which at least one of your fellow officers was quite literally trampled upon.

I should not have to tell you how serious an issue this is. Such behavior is bad for morale, and literally dangerous. Injured, demoralized officers are not efficient officers. As a result, I’ll be placing an official reprimand in your file, and issuing a one-week ban on eating ice cream while on duty, for the entire department.

If everyone had simply walked calmly to the delicious new ice cream shop, I believe that we all would have arrived safely and enjoyed our treats. I sincerely hope you remember this lesson, the next time you have a craving.

Captain Neema Perim
Commanding, Deep Space 13

//ATTACHMENT// security42456.log


To: VADM Rilem
CC: LT Jal’Shan; LT Kermit;
From: CAPT Perim
Subj: Trampling on the Promenade


Allow me to express my deepest condolences for your spilled ice cream, that resulted from the actions of the officers under my command. I would like to assure you that this matter is being dealt with in the most serious of terms. I have already reprimanded the officers involved, and I am confident that measures have been taken to prevent future instances of such behavior.

While I know that your spilled ice cream can never be truly replaced, I hope you’ll accept the attached 10% off coupon to Vanilla or Bust, along with my sincerest apologies, for this unfortunate incident. It is my hope that this coupon may, in some small way, help begin to fill the hole in your heart left by your dearly departed cone from yesterday.

Captain Neema Perim
Commanding, Deep Space 13


Made a minor update to the comms template. The horizontal line will now disappear if you completely remove the classification level. Also @mentions now work in the header!
Old posts do not need to be updated and should work fine.