Communication from Admiral Thackett; Subject: Waydi Mission and Diplomatic Corps

Task Force Argo,

With continued communications from leadership of the Waydi species, the Diplomatic Corps has again determined is in the best interest of the Federation to temporarily dispatch a Diplomatic Corps representative to the Starbase to assist with these interactions. To that end, Lt Commander Pace, and the USS Yorkshire, have been dispatched from the Sol system to your starbase. They are expected to arrive in the next 72 hours.

Know that your team is still the lead for this mission and these interactions. I've heard good things about the tough situations your team has encountered during these operations with the Waydi. However, Lt Commander Narian Pace will be at your disposal for guidance and as a resource during future ops.

Continue the good work out there.

Admiral Thackett, Starfleet
Starbase K-7
Starfleet Sector Command, Eta Eridani