Communication from Starfleet Academy, re: Future of DS13 Annex

Stardate 92316.9

TO <Annex Staff Members, Eta Eridani Starfleet Academy>
CC VADM Rilem; FCAPT Perim; CMDR Hayasaki;

SUBJ Future of DS13 Annex

Greetings to all the addressed.

First off, I'd like to specifically thank Admiral Rilem, Captain Perim, and Commander Hayasaki for all of the additional duties they have had to take on in regards to keeping the DS13 Academy Annex working smoothly. The establishment of a new branch of SFA is never an easy task and in the early days, it takes a behemoth amount of passion to see things through. All three of you have my highest regards and appreciation, as well as the rest of the DS13 Annex staff.

Unfortunately, in the final audit of the past year's operational reports and incident summaries, I have concluded that at this time, the DS13 Academy Annex is not functioning at the high standards that Starfleet Academy is expected to uphold. While the issues of under-staffing are certainly understandable and, to some degree, forgivable, there are several incidents that are regrettably much more difficult to overlook. The most recent death of a cadet is but one example of this underlying problem, but the DS13 Annex has also been plagued by other reports of cadet misconduct and disciplinary issues, as well as one count of cadet desertion.

So it is my unhappy duty to inform you that the Academy's Board of Advisors is currently considering dismantling the DS13 Annex program. No decision is final yet, as we are determined to make a thorough review of both positives and negatives, but I felt it incumbent upon me to inform those who would be affected of the possibility. We expect to come to a final decision during the summer break.

Please feel free to address any questions or concerns you have to my yeoman, who will then pass them on to me. Again, I thank all of you for your hard work and service thus far. It was an excellent run.

Rear Admiral Wormer
Chairman, Starfleet Academy, Board of Advisors