TO: Command, Task Force Argo
FROM: Starfleet Diplomatic Corps
CC: Admiral Thackett, Starbase K-7, Starfleet Sector Command, Eta Eridani
SUBJECT: Task Force ARGO to conduct contact with new species

Orders approved by Eta Eridani Sector Command for use of Task Force Argo Forces for this mission by the Diplomatic Corps.

On stardate 90251, the civilian transport ship, S.S. Vanden traveling through the Hawthorne system, made unexpected first contact with a recent space-faring species referring to themselves as the Waydi. the Waydi originate in a system in the Eta Eridani sector formally called star system EE-116.B, now officially named the Waydis system. Communication was problematic due to the Waydi's preference for telepathic communication as opposed to written or spoken language. The civilian Captain of the S.S. Vanden, was able to determine a few key components from their interaction. The Waydi are looking for political and economic integration with the greater galactic community which they are aware of through intercepted hyperspace communications. They understand the basic concepts of the multi-species trade and technology that makes up the Federation presence in Eta Eridani. However, it is assessed that their understanding of the greater political landscape of the Eta Eridani sector is very rudimentary. It is unknown if they are aware of the Klingon Empire and its cold conflict with the Federation.

The technology of their ships lack the ability to sustain their crews for significant interstellar journeys and so despite being warp capable (current estimates are that they can attain a top speed of Warp 1.8) their delegation returned to their home world of Waydi after their brief contact with the Vanden. They were able to communicate intentions to make second contact again in the Hawthorne system at the future stardate of 90271 (this date IRL has not yet been determined).

Starfleet command has tasked TF-ARGO with conducting these initial diplomatic meetings because of our proximity of our starbase to both the Hawthrone and Waydis systems and the personnel assignment of a telepath capable counselor.

There are two purposes for the diplomatic meeting. They are:
1 - establish peaceful diplomatic relations with the Waydi
2 - determine levels of technology and intent from the Waydi

Prior to the diplomatic meeting a system reconnaissance of the Waydi home system will be issued to the Task Force as well. Expect this tasking to come for Eta Eridani sector command within the next 7 to 10 standard days.

A more formal summary of info gained form the S.S Vanden will be sent to your Task Force in the coming days, as well.

more details about the mission will be sent in subsequent memos prior to stardate 90271.

Any questions about these orders can be issued back to this office.

Diplomatic Corps
Starfleet Command
San Fransico, Earth

((This is mission in the coming weeks that will NOT be focused on killing X enemy ships (though there might be some of that ;-) in there). Its diplomatic in nature with an actual PC on the oposite side to negotiate with. Unlike the weekly missions which are built in Foundry and can be run by anyone at anytime, this even does require prior coordination to facilitate and ensure it happens as intended. I am looking at sometime in the next few weeks to make this happen, but I can be flexible to accomodate the most personnel. Participation is open to anyone and there is no prior story to partake in. Only required person is Kat, she has to do it, being the telepath and all. Just for the record I asked her before hand if this was an ok storyline. I'm not going all TURBO and trying to hijack other peoples games or anything. Also, this is brand new so no one is missing anything going in! but, don't be surprised if the Waydi make several appearances in the coming months. Finally, prior to the actual event, look for an upcoming weekly patrol to be a scientific recon of the Waydis star system. More details about that in future weekly patrols.))
((I soooo want in on this. Somehow, some way. Keep me posted!))
((Kat's going to need babysitters, duh.))
((I like that I just joined with a science officer, and the first thing I see is an upcoming event that looks interesting and, if you'll pardon the term, sciency. So, um, I'll keep an eye on this.))
(( if you need some sneaky escorts, the Dan Daly has her cloaking device :p ))
((We are looking for a time to conduct the actual diplomatic mission. We are thinking about Friday the 19th. Tentative time is:

10:30 EDT
9:30 CDT
8:30 MDT
7:30 PDT

What are peoples thoughts on this? We have a bit of flexibility on Friday or we can move it to Sat or Sun if we can't get any attendance. I went with Friday hoping to ease the burden of "work the next day" for some of our east coasters, but I'm not sure what Fridays are like for other people. We have a good week and a half before we need to finalize it so who thinks this time will work?))
(( If that's 10:30 EST/8:30 Mountain (EDT just means daylight savings time, no?) yeah, that'll work out totally fine for me! So would Sat and Sun. ))
(( Is this the 19th? ))
(( Hello friends from TFA! I should be available around then but won't know 100% until that evening. I'll keep checking back to see what the plan is! :) P.S. Feel free to add me in game as well Calvin Mercer@Federation2935))

((Sweet~ That'll be awesome, Calvin! ))