Communication from Starfleet Internal Affairs Bureau

TO: Capt Morton
FROM: Agent Chavez, Nathan P., Starfleet Internal Affairs Bureau
SUBJECT: Special Assistance Request

Captain Morton,

I am Agent Chavez from Starfleet IAB in San Francisco. I am currently en-route to you starbase with an urgent request for assistance related to an ongoing IAB investigation. As the IA officer of your Task Force I am asking you for assistance. this mission doesn't directly affect your Task Force, but we need help from the fleet and you are strategically positioned and your fleet has the skills we are looking for.

I can fill you in on the details when I get there, but I'm looking for one male and one female Starfleet officer from your fleet to assist in this mission.

I'll see you when I get out there.

Agent Chavez

(( Ok, I have a cool little espionage mission that I'd like two characters, one male starfleet, one female, to partake in. No, its nothing like that you weirdos! I'd prefer Starfleet over Romulan because it would fit the lore a bit better. But, if we have problems filling a position, then I'll consider putting a Romulan in there. I'd like to start with an IC meeting at the starbase between the two mission takers, Coby and Chavez (played by me). Once I have the two positions filled, we'll schedule a time to do the meeting between the four of us. ))


Female Fed Character: Echo (Captain Solvust)
Male Fed Character:Gideon Greywarden
((Ooooh, Oooh, pick me, pick me!))

TO: Agent Chavez
FROM: Captain C. Morton
SUBJECT: Special Assistance Request

Agent Chavez ~

If my services can be of any help to aid an ongoing investigation, it would be my most houseful pleasure to do so. I shall be awaiting your immanent arrival aboard Outpost Argo and thus the further informative briefing for when you arrive. After a number of recent events the stations security forces have been placed on a considerable higher alert, so please do not take any unusual security obligations personally. If you believe that there is anything that can be made to even further tailor your requirements aboard the station prior to your arrival, making the overall process much smoother, please feel free to elaborate those desires to your own content.

Again, as already stated, I shall be awaiting your arrival aboard Argo.

Captain Coby Morton
Internal Affairs
U.S.S. October

Got you slotted Echo. Have room for one more, male fed character.
((Marcus, I thought I just approved leave for your character to head back home to attend to your estranged wife's issue with your daughters illegitimate pregnancy?

Alright, I slotted you in Kurt, but its not a shooting mission. Its Espionage. You still want to do it? ))
((I have another Captain toon..John Carter.))
((I'm still interested in it. I'll act as muscle for Echo. She can do her awesome mind reading thing.))
(( Its not really a "muscle" type of thing. Honestly, Kurt, I'd recommend you not go on this one, I think you'd find it boring. I'll find something else for you to do, though. Ok?

Also, I don't see a "John Carter" on the Fleet Roster. I'd prefer to keep this an in-fleet thing. ))
((... If Kurt would find it boring, that means Katriel would like it. :o

::goes to file a complaint about gender quotas:: ))

((Sure. Whatever. It's all good.))
((Why exactly is there a gender thinger with regards to the mission?))
((... I was really just kidding, just leave it, Echo. Dae's idea, I'm sure he has a good reason for it.))
(( Because there is a good reason for it! :) ))
((I was only curious!))
((I am think I am going to heckle some dudes in game to get on this!))
((Please Echo!))