To: CMDR Mandra, A. (@Master_Dex)
From: Valore, S.
Subj: Congratulations


Congratulations on your new position. I suspect you will fill it amicably. Allow me to invite you to a luncheon as a material gesture of recognition with regards to the context of your promotional status.

On a side note, have you noticed anything odd with Vanilla or Bust as of late? Strawberry has not been on the menu for months, and suddenly their latest flavor is ‘undefined’.

I find myself in the curious position to hypothesize as to potentially biased or illicit actions taken to suppress a particularly flavorful variant of a popular confectionary preference. One could almost call it conspiratorial in nature.



To: Valore, Sera
From: Mandra, Alina
Subj: Re: Congratulations

Oooh… informal message headers, I feel so special now!

In all seriousness, thanks. Though you wouldn’t really remember, it’s not actually all that new for me. I’ve been the science chief here before, but not since the rebuild technically. That said after all that happened, I didn’t think I’d get the chance to do this again so in the context of that I’ll accept your lunch offer!

That VOB stuff tickles me… I want to snoop into their flavor selection code now… I probably shouldn’t without asking though… I am intrigued what they are actually serving as ‘undefined’ though at the storefront. Like the makings of a real life creepypasta, haha. Hopefully no haunted consoles this time…

As for if someone is trying to mess with you, I dunno… you did raise a stink a while back about strawberry so… maybe?