Cosmic Teas of the Month 2423

Subscribers to the Cosmic Teas of the Month club receive a set of three teas each month, sourced from various cultures around the galaxy. For 2423, each month’s featured tea is listed below:

Betelgeuse Blossom White Tea: Delicate white tea infused with the exotic blossoms native to Betelgeuse.
Romulan Starflower Elixir: An enchanting floral blend featuring starflowers discovered on New Romulus.
Deltan Sunrise Infusion: A rooibos tea that blends fruit flavors and Deltan nectar, creating a sunrise in every cup.
Ferengi Gold Rush Green: A luxurious green tea blended with rare Ferengi fruits. Sip on this tea and channel your inner entrepreneur.
Klingon Warrior Chai: Bold and robust, this strong black tea with has a potpourri of fiery Klingon spices, embodying the strength and passion of their warriors.
Bajoran Celestial Citrus: A citrus-infused tea, the tea plants are traditionally grown in the gardens of Bajoran Temples and dried in their vestibules. Light and uplifting.
UFP Breakfast Blend: A robust breakfast blend made with a mix of black teas from various member worlds. An energizing blend, perfect for starting the day.
Betazoid Peach Fusion: A white tea that infuses flavors of Betazoid peach and jakarine fruits. This tea is naturally sweet, but not too sweet, and not at all subtle. Delicious both warm and iced.
Trill Tonic Eucalyptus Elixir: A rejuvenating green tea blend, with eucalyptus and native Trill herbs.
Borg Assimilation Chai: A unique chai blend featuring assimilated native spices from various planets. Rich and complex.
Cardassian Cardamom Black Tea: Black tea with a hint of Cardassian cardamom.
Andorian Mint Pu-erh: A creamy and thick Pu-erh tea, almost reminiscent of a cup of hot cocoa. Hints of Andorian mint refresh the spirit in every cozy cup.