Court Martial

Stardate 91375.6

TO: VADM Rlem Celes; DS13 JAG Office;
CC: CAPT Kell Tanis

SUBJ: Court Martial

After investigating the circumstances leading up to the destruction of the U.S.S. Basilone, and interviewing those persons immediately and obviously involved, and after holding a preliminary hearing, I have concluded that there is the reasonable possibility of culpable negligence on the part of Captain Kell Tanis. At this point in time, I am forced to recommend the convening of a general court martial to determine Captain Tanis' guilt or innocence.

The Office of the Judge Advocate is hereby requested to provide or specify three officers of command or flag rank to comprise the court. Additionally, legal counsel must be provided to Captain Tanis, and a prosecuting officer must be selected.

As a result of Captain Tanis' fifteen years of service as a decorated officer of Starfleet, at this time, I do not feel it necessary to restrict Captain Tanis' movements or to relieve him of duty. Pending the outcome of the court martial, I recommend that Captain Tanis be temporarily assigned to Deep Space 13 as an advisor and training officer.

Captain Neema Perim
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Thirteen

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[10:18] Tanis@kelltanis returns the nod, "Commander. After you."

[10:18] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: Captain.

[10:18] Rix Brot'la@ahex leans on the chair.

[10:18] Perim@bobisgod171 nods, "Gentlemen, have a seat."

[10:19] Tanis@kelltanis nods and sits down.

[10:19] Rix Brot'la@ahex sits in a Lounge chair.

[10:19] Rix Brot'la@ahex sits in a chair.

[10:21] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: So I assume this is about the Basilone.

[10:21] Rix Brot'la@ahex sits in the captain's chair.

[10:21] Perim@bobisgod171 nods, "Thank you for coming. Kell, are you sure you don't want a JAG representative to be here for this?"

[10:21] Rix Brot'la@ahex sits in a chair.

[10:22] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: I'll be fine. There's nothing they can say that I can't.

[10:22] Perim@bobisgod171 nods, "Alright. Ready?"

[10:22] Rix Brot'la@ahex sits straight up and grabs a PADD from his jacket. "All good on my end."

[10:22] Tanis@kelltanis nods.

[10:26] Perim@bobisgod171 reaches over to tap a button on the computer, "Begin Recording. Stardate 91375.2, preliminary hearing regarding Captain Kell Tanis' culpability in the destruction of USS Basilone."

[10:26] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: Note that Captain Tanis has waived his right to legal representation for these proceedings.

[10:26] Perim@bobisgod171 addresses Tanis directly now, "Captain Tanis, please describe for me the events leading up to the destruction of your vessel, beginning after your return from Lae'nas III."

[10:28] Tanis@kelltanis takes in a deep breath and sighs slightly, "Well we took a lot of damage at Lae'nas and before. The Heralds were an unknown previously, so it's not surprising we were hit hard."

[10:28] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: After we got back, I helped out on a few smaller assignments while the Basilone was being fixed up.

[10:29] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: There were some delays getting all her systems back online, but overall the repairs were progressing nicely. The Commander could give more details on that end.

[10:30] Perim@bobisgod171 nods along, making notes on her PADD.

[10:31] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: When the enemy fleet showed up over Qo'nos, a call was put out to any ships in the vicinity to help. I pulled the Basilone out and joined the fight.

[10:32] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: We were having some trouble with the damaged systems, but she held her own against a massive force. It wasn't until the Dreadnought showed up that we were really in trouble.

[10:33] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: When the core containment fields started failing and we were unable to reinforce them, I knew it was bad. I ordered the evacuation of the ship.

[10:33] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: I don't remember much past that until I woke up on that Klingon cruiser.

[10:35] Perim@bobisgod171 nods, "You said you were unable to reinforce the core containment fields. Was that a result of damage sustained during the battle at Qo'noS?"

[10:38] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: Partially. I belive the damage sustained earlier in the fight aggravated some of the lingering damage from Lae'nas.

[10:39] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: The EPS systems were knocked offline and we were having difficulty bringing them back online.

[10:39] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: Once the core took a hit, we weren't able to correct the damage.

[10:39] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: Redundant systems failed to kick in and locked out manual control.

[10:40] Perim@bobisgod171 nods, "I see. Computer, recognize Commander Rix Brot'la, Chief Engineer, Deep Space 13. Commander, would you please recount for me, the state of the Basilone when Captain Tanis removed it?"

[10:41] Rix Brot'la@ahex nods. "Very well. I have a list. Hm. ... EP Systems were damaged and fluctuating. Unfinished control systems, hence the kicking in. Starboard Nacelle was using excessive amounts of EPS. -

[10:42] Rix Brot'la@ahex | - Hull damages that were not repaired yet, this creating instability. Also the weapon systems were prone to overloading due to the prior mentioned EP Problems."

[10:42] [local] Rix Brot'la@ahex: "Simply put, it was inoperable for combat situations, not operable for any situation until complete hull and nacelle repair."

[10:43] Tanis@kelltanis glances sidelong at the Bolian.

[10:44] Perim@bobisgod171 looks down at her PADD and takes a breath. "Commander, in your opinion, considering Captain Tanis' description of the damaged sustained over Qo'noS...

[10:45] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: Would the Basilone have been able to survive the encounter if it had been in good repair and withdrew upon receiving the aforementioned damage?"

[10:45] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: Captain, that's impossible to know. The Commander couldn't possibly...

[10:46] Perim@bobisgod171 shakes her head, "I'll rephrase."

[10:46] Rix Brot'la@ahex nods. "I believe that if the EPS systems and Control systems would have been repaired, they would have a better chance."

[10:47] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: Captain Tanis, you stated that your redundant systems failed to function, and manual controls were locked. If they hadn't been damaged prior to this engagement, is it possible that they'd have functio

[10:47] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: functioned properly?"

[10:48] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: Of course it's possible. But who's to say the damage we sustained wouldn't have had the same effect?

[10:49] Rix Brot'la@ahex sits back. "Someone who has worked at the fleet yards, Mister Tanis. ... The EP systems were not functioning. It was as a body with internal bleeding."

[10:50] Perim@bobisgod171 shakes her head and almost looks remorseful, "We're not here to determine guilt today, Captain." she reaches over and pauses the recording.

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[10:51] Perim@bobisgod171 speaks quietly, "Commander Brot'la. You're dismissed. Thank you for your report."

[10:51] Tanis@kelltanis looks to the Engineer, "Commander," he says with a slight sneer, "This is a war. We do what we have to. If that means we arm the sick and injured to protect those behind them, it's what we have-

[10:51] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: -to do.

[10:52] Rix Brot'la@ahex frowns. "...Pardon, but ... this is highly unusual. I call for an independant officer out of the fleet to look over the case. Such loss of life is stupidity."

[10:52] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: Si vis pacem, para bellum, Commander.

[10:53] [local] Rix Brot'la@ahex: "Also Captain Tanis, We have enough vessels in this fleet next to the Basilone, but ...Very well. I will take my leave."

[10:53] Perim@bobisgod171 holds up a finger to Tanis, hopefully preventing any other comment, "Commander Brot'la, if you have a concern about my ability to remain impartial, please file a report with the Admiral."

[10:53] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: Until then, please tend to your duties. Request denied."

[10:54] [local] Rix Brot'la@ahex: "I will, ...And if you want peace, you don't take wounded ships out of dry docks and kill a 135 people."

[10:54] Perim@bobisgod171 rubs her eyes, as the door closes,.

[10:55] Tanis@kelltanis takes a deep breath through his nose and lets it out as his fist clenches and unclenches beneath the table.

[10:55] Perim@bobisgod171 takes a breath, "You know I don't have much of a choice here, Captain."

[10:56] Tanis@kelltanis nods, "I understand that Captain. I just hope whoever this goes to understands the hard choices of war."

[10:57] Perim@bobisgod171 nods silently, and then reaches over to resume the recording.

[10:57] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: Captain Tanis, were you ordered by a superior officer to remove your vessel from drydock?

[10:59] [local] Tanis@kelltanis: No. I made a command decision the risks were necessary. Qo'nos is a vital part of our allied defense and I felt the Basilone would be able to help mitigate the loss of life and resources.

[11:01] Perim@bobisgod171 nods, then opens a desk drawer and removes a PADD. She sets it down beside the computer. "Computer, enter into evidence Starfleet Engagement Report, Battle of Qo'noS, Stardate 91352.4."

[11:03] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: "Highlight statistics: Enemy vessels incapacitated by USS Basilone; Projected casualties without Starfleet involvement."

[11:04] Perim@bobisgod171 looks back to Tanis, "Captain Kell Tanis, at this time I have determined that negligence on your part may have played a role in the destruction of the Starship Basilone."

[11:05] Tanis@kelltanis sighs again, "I suppose enemy fire was a secondary factor then."

[11:05] Perim@bobisgod171 continues, "As a resuilt, a general court martial will be convened to determine your guilt or innocence. You will be receiving notice to appear from the regional JAG office shortly."

[11:06] Tanis@kelltanis leans back, folding his arms across his chest.

[11:06] [local] Perim@bobisgod171: "This hearing is adjourned, and you are dismissed. Comptuer, end recording." once the computer beeps in acknowledgement, she leans back in the chair.

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[11:07] Perim@bobisgod171 takes a breath, "I'm sorry. Talk to JAG. Make sure they send you the best."

[11:07] Tanis@kelltanis nods slightly, "Right."