D.V. Ometra-48


Unknown/light battlecruiser
The Dominion
343rd Supervisory Fleet/Liasvarnu IV

D.V. Ometra-48

The D.V. Ometra-48, or Ometra for short, is a light battecruiser of unknown class under the command of Vorta Liasvarnu IV that has been assigned to Deep Space 13, and more specifically, the 38th Fleet or Argo, to serve as a bridge between the Dominion and Starfleet. So gallant purpose notwithstanding, the Ometra, like the vast majority of Dominion vessels, is naught but a warship through and through, if rumour has it that this particular iteration sacrifices a fair portion of its troop-carrying capabilities to entertain greater command and even mild cloning functions.

Service History

Very few records exist of the Ometra-48 and its would-be predecessors, assuming that the number speaks of the ships to have borne its name. Among the few exceptions lie a handful of recorded instances spanning throughout the Hur’q Crisis, as well as a series of long-term assignments in Romulan Republic space: it would seem that, prior to being sent to Federation territory, both the ship and her Vorta realised a similar role for the fledgling faction. Beyond such, alas, there is little more than conjecture, for the Dominion has yet to divulge, or even hint, at its past assignments.

Technical Data

639,75 meters
568,44 meters
204,97 meters
4.215.000 tonnes
Habitable Decks:
Crew Complement:
Emergency Cap.:
Avg. Cruising Spd:
Max. Cruising Spd:
Maximum Spd:
Warp 7
8 Polaron beam arrays (4 fore, 2 dorsal, 2 aft)
10 Polaron cannon emplacements (6 fore, 2 dorsal, 2 aft)
4 Medium polaron turrets (2 fore, 2 aft)
2 Heavy polaron cannon batteries (both fore)
2 Energy dual torpedo launchers (transversal)
Primary and secondary shielding layers
Grade 6 neutronium armouring
Grade 4 reflective layers
Antiproton stealth sweeping capabilities
Auxiliary Craft:

While this type of ship was first seen during the Dominion War, it takes but a glance to notice that its average design and construction do not seem to have varied in over four decades. Its technology and overall capabilities are likely on par with vessels of similar size, power and purpose, but specific alloys embedded into the very bulkheads defy most attempts to appraise its true potential through scans.

Internal Layouts

It is possible that this line of light battlecruisers caters to a layout that may not have seen excessive changes since its inception, but most intelligence is bound to hail from perhaps obsolete salvage reports dating to the aforementioned conflict more than forty years ago and what little information the Alliance might have acquired from wreckages during the war against the Hur’q, making it highly unreliable. This could be particularly true if the rumours revolving around its increased command and field functions are accurate.

Roleplaying Information

The Ometra remains a peculiar addition to the landscape that surrounds Deep Space 13. Ever-present and silent, it lingers in orbit, occasionally serving as a rendezvous point for other Dominion vessels operating in the sector. The sheer amount of subspace traffic coming to and from it, the majority of it encrypted to the marrow, suggests that it does act as a mobile hub of sorts - a rather heavily armed and armoured hub - but other than an ominous reminder of the fact that the Alliance welcomed a curious, perhaps dangerous ally into the fold in recent times, little is known about it - or about what could transpire within.



Fd. Overseer
Liasvarnu IV

Jem'hadar First


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