Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

We've finally settled into our new port. It ain't much different then the last, or the before that. The people seem nice, but the base CO seems like a real piece of work. Meh. Same could be said o' me. I still have my crew, an' my Victory. She's more home than anywhere but Old Town. More than some floating metal mushroom city, or some fancy outpost on some rock. That much is for sure.

Speakin' of Old Town... I bet you guys are already settin' up for the annual summer dance, huh? Hell, I figure Jimmy's already got his old kitchen set up an' mirror polished, Amy's already fixin' to go crazy with the decorations. Days like this, I miss the unkempt grass under my boots, the smell of Pine trees and fresh welds. Aunt May's sweet tea. Granted, it was more sugar then liquid, but she always had some ready. Days like that... Well, Just makes me appreciate home all that much more.

I know Daddy worries about me, more than he says. Please don' worry 'cause I'm all right, crew an' ship are sittin' tight. We won't be going to battle any time soon.

Send my love to everyone. I love you more than anything in the world.

Your baby girl.