DEBRIEF MINUTES: Authorized Investigation and Pursuit of 'Vaebn'

Stardate: 90833Report Submitted: LCDR K. Sedai

Investigation of coordinates provided by previous incident (see linked incident) was approved by Starfleet Command. Both previously concerned parties and available personnel were summoned to briefing.

Perfunctory ruse was devised for the sake of establishing contact with target ('Vaebn'). Contractor McCarthy, as the Captain of the only available non-Starfleet/Republic vessel, would be the primary point of contact, while Captain Harker would follow on the Paragon with a small force to reinforce.

Plan almost failed early and entirely due to sudden Tal Shiar ambush at the given coordinates, but Victory was able to escape via fabrication of a decoy signal.

Argo vessels continued onward to track the Romulan shuttle, presumably Vaebn's. Victory crewmember Gingri engaged in distractionary communication with Vaebn while the cloaked Vestara rounded to the shuttle's flank, engaging tractor beam when in position. Paragon followed suit.

Vessels detected sudden increase in energy output from the shuttle, indicative of self-destruct. Paragon was able to beam the single occupant, Vaebn, on board and into their brig facilities before the shuttle was destroyed. Target has since been transferred to DS13's detention facilities.

In terms of suggested future action, while Vaebn has certainly caused the personnel of Deep Space 13 and Argo in general a great deal of grief, it seems prudent to work closely and communicate frequently with the Republic on this particular captive.

Separately, though I am not affiliated with security directly, I would recommend they consider higher than average security precautions for Vaebn's holding cell, primarily to safeguard him, considering his likely status as a highly disliked antagonist.

Would also suggest that Centurion t'Veras be permitted to question the individual, under supervision.

LCDR Katriel Sedai

Ships Involved in Action:
U.S.S. Paragon
U.S.S. Kindred
R.R.W. Vestara
S.S. Victory

Officers Involved in Action:
McCarthy, Civilian Contractor
Melor, Captain
Kermit, Lieutenant
Rellir, Civilian
Harker, Captain
t'Veras, Centurion
Meridian, Captain
Some Mission logs from the point of view of the Bait Team:
(Thanks to Kermit for his help in the manual formatting!)

[31 7:07] [Fleet] Katriel@evenrue: <c> All available personnel, please report to promenade conference room for briefing on outgoing mission.

[10/31 7:10] Aurelia@aumerie stands against the window, waiting for the Starfleet personnel to sit first, as usual. Nods all around. She... stifles a yawn.

[10/31 7:10] Rellir@universal_blue quietly hides in the civilian corner.

[10/31 7:10] Foster@Fuse1983 gently scratches the back of his neck.

[10/31 7:10] Katriel@evenrue inclines her head to Kermit. "Hello, Lieutenant."

[10/31 7:10] Aina Harker@hyperewok1 nods to everoyne present so far.

[10/31 7:17] Katriel@evenrue clears her throat, scanning her PADD. "I apologize that you will have to put up with me, but I suppose we should get started."

[10/31 7:18] Aurelia@aumerie finally takes her seat, folding her hands and looking at Katriel. Inscrutably.

[10/31 7:18] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: Command has approved the request to send a force to investigate the coordinates that were discovered by the most recent infiltration into the auction at which the station's
stolen goods were being

[10/31 7:18] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: fenced.

[10/31 7:19] Aurelia@aumerie brightens considerably.

[10/31 7:19] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: As we're approaching the appointed hour of the rendezvous between the missing Ferengi dealer and ... Vaebn, we'll be going in the Ferengi's stead, if possible.

[10/31 7:20] Kermit@bobisgod171 nods along.

[10/31 7:20] Katriel@evenrue peruses her PADD. "We do appear to have some flexibility in terms of operating procedure, should anyone care to suggest a course of caution now."

[10/31 7:21] Aurelia@aumerie thinks about this. "We will most likely have little time for subterfuge. He knows both Rellir and I, and... well. He would have been expecting someone else entirely."

[10/31 7:21] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "Let's bring guns."

[10/31 7:22] Rellir@universal_blue nods matter of factly in agreement with Aurelia.

[10/31 7:23] Katriel@evenrue purses her lips, before inexorably checking with the ... ... Starfleet ... side of the table, for agreement or otherwise.

[10/31 7:23] [Local] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: "He only needs to be convinced everything is normal long enough for other ships to warp in and tractor beam his ship."

[10/31 7:24] [Local] Vsha@Mailman653: *listens quietly*

[10/31 7:25] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "He'll be expecting that."

[10/31 7:26] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "We will also need a believable fence. Normally, I could handle that, but..." She shrugs.

[[10/31 7:26] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: It may be a little challenging for us to present a front of everything being normal when we don't have any vessels that readily look like non-Starfleet --

[10/31 7:26] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: -- assets.

[10/31 7:27] McCarthy@eden001 enter in, holding a warm mug of coffee. The man apparently looked tired. Though he stops and stares at the room for a quiet moment.

[10/31 7:27] Kermit@bobisgod171 looked like he might have been about to suggest something, but now Katriel is looking at McCarthy, so he leans back in the chair and folds his arms.

[10/31 7:28] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "We check the long-range sensors and find a place to hide. We can use the Victory as the front." She hasn't even looked at McCarthy.

[10/31 7:28] McCarthy@eden001 blinks, "Wait. What now?" He asks, looking around. The man had no idea what was going on. "...Why are you staring at me? What did I do? "

[10/31 7:28] [Local] Kermit@bobisgod171: Bait.

[10/31 7:29] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: For the Tal Shiar.

[10/31 7:29] [Local] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: "This is where you gallantly volunteer, McCarthy."

[10/31 7:29] McCarthy@eden001 looks at all of them a moment.

[10/31 7:29] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "Hah...

[10/31 7:29] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "Ahah."

[10/31 7:29] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "Hahaha.... Hah.... ahhh... No."

[10/31 7:29] McCarthy@eden001 sips his coffee once.

[10/31 7:30] Aina Harker@hyperewok1 gives McCarthy a very flat look.

[10/31 7:30] [Local] Rellir@universal_blue: McCarthy. I am certain you recall the night your crates of wine were stolen?

[10/31 7:30] McCarthy@eden001 looks over at Rellir now, raising a brow.

[10/31 7:30] Aurelia@aumerie smirks very slightly and looks over at Rellir, totally letting her handle him.

[10/31 7:30] [Local] Kermit@bobisgod171: "Tragic." looking back to Katriel, "Plan B? Cloak a ship?"

[10/31 7:31] [Local] Rellir@universal_blue: We are about to go after the man that stole your wine. As I recall, they were fairly expensive crates...

[10/31 7:31] Aurelia@aumerie looks at her PADD. "The D'Ishae is still quarantined, but the Vastara is in-dock at the moment."

[10/31 7:31] Rellir@universal_blue folds her arms and stares at McCarthy.

[10/31 7:31] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "..."

[10/31 7:31] McCarthy@eden001 sighs.

[10/31 7:31] Kermit@bobisgod171 mutters, "If we find him, I'm sure nobody will object if you throw some bottles at him."

[10/31 7:31] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "Fiiiiiiiine."

[10/31 7:32] Katriel@evenrue laces her fingers together, setting her clasped hands on the table. "Cloak would be insufficient. Even Romulan ships would look somewhat suspicious."

[10/31 7:32] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: I'm sure we have some holographic science projects in the queue somewhere for mass ship disguise purposes, but...

[10/31 7:32] Rellir@universal_blue doesn't glance at Aurelia for longer than a moment.

[10/31 7:32] Rellir@universal_blue but she does appear to be smiling just slightly.

[10/31 7:32] Aina Harker@hyperewok1 glances over at McCarthy and slowly shakes her head.

[10/31 7:33] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: ... certainly it'd be easier if Mr McCarthy would merely fulfill his commission duties. He will be well supported by Starfleet vessels, in the end.

[10/31 7:33] Aurelia@aumerie nods. "After all, McCarthy... Captain Harker is one of the best." Her voice is so reassuring.

[10/31 7:33] McCarthy@eden001 steps forward, sipping his coffee. His hands rubbing his forehead as he drew a breath. "Alright. Yes. I get it. I'll help. I said Fine. Alright?"

[10/31 7:34] [Local] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: "You only need to keep him busy long enough for the Paragon to come in with more then enough beam arrays to keep him distracted from retaliating against you."

[10/31 7:35] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "Vaebn will most likely assume you are dumb and pliable, as you are a human. Use that to your advantage before he catches on."

[10/31 7:35] [Local] Vsha@Mailman653: *smirks at the comment*

[10/31 7:35] McCarthy@eden001 stares at Aurelia a moment, sipping his coffee. He says nothing.

[10/31 7:36] Aina Harker@hyperewok1 barely manages not to roll her eyes.

[10/31 7:36] Aurelia@aumerie has given totally useful advice.

[10/31 7:36] Katriel@evenrue spans through her PADD documents for a moment. "McCarthy, as it is your vessel, I'll permit you to elect a few officers here to accompany you on board. Just for additional eyes."

[10/31 7:36] Rellir@universal_blue smiles quietly and doesn't say a word.

[10/31 7:37] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "How many is 'few'?"

[10/31 7:38] Kermit@bobisgod171 looks over to McCarthy.

[[10/31 7:39] Katriel@evenrue glances over the officers seated here before shrugging. "Two or three? Obviously Captain Harker is not available."

[10/31 7:39] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: She'll be leading the backup force, I imagine.

[10/31 7:39] Aina Harker@hyperewok1 nods.

[10/31 7:40] McCarthy@eden001 waits a moment after the answer. He points at Rellir. "You." He then points at Vsha, "You." Then over to Kermit, "You."

[10/31 7:40] [Local] Vsha@Mailman653: Ah...finally a trip out of the office.

[[10/31 7:40] Vsha@Mailman653 performs the Picard Maneuver.

[10/31 7:40] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "You two Starfleet, go get a change of clothes into something more civilian like. - Riller. I'd suggest something more manuverable and without a shoulder sash."

[10/31 7:41] [Local] Vsha@Mailman653: *nods*

[10/31 7:41] Aurelia@aumerie leans forward, and drums on the table. "Well. You all are not leaving me *here*."

[10/31 7:42] Katriel@evenrue purses her lips. "Did you say the Vestara was not available, Centurion? I would prefer to see that the Paragon is not alone in its reinforcement efforts."

[10/31 7:42] McCarthy@eden001 then looks to Aurelia, "Well, if Kat lets me take more, then I can subset the rest of you as the crew for the Starjumper."

[10/31 7:42] Aurelia@aumerie nods. "The Vastara is available."

[10/31 7:42] Aina Harker@hyperewok1 nods over to Katriel. "Additional ships are always good to have."

[10/31 7:43] Katriel@evenrue inclines her head. "That might be best, then."

[10/31 7:43] Kermit@bobisgod171 snorts at McCarthy's 'orders' before looking back to Katriel, "What, exactly, is the plan here. We fly in there, being all not suspicious, then what? The Paragon warps in and

[10/31 7:43] McCarthy@eden001 snaps his fingers, "Awesome. More backup is fun." He then looks at Kat a moment crossing his arms as he holds his coffee mug still.

[10/31 7:44] Aurelia@aumerie looks a little sour, but in the end, she nods. "I will be with the Vastara, then."

[10/31 7:44] Katriel@evenrue glances at Aurelia. "Something roughly like that, I think," her tone's a little dry.

[10/31 7:46] Katriel@evenrue sighs a little, muttering. "I mean, do I really look like a tactical officer to you."

[10/31 7:47] Kermit@bobisgod171 looks around, "That's...this isn't a plan, this is insane."

[10/31 7:47] [Local] Rellir@universal_blue: Is this one of those situations where one ship goes in and pretends to be helpless and act natural and the other ship warps in and captures the villian?

[10/31 7:48] [Local] Kermit@bobisgod171: These are the same people that sabotaged 14 ships and a starbase, we can't just waltz in there and expect it to be easy.

[10/31 7:48] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "Then you've obviously not been on enough missions with me, Kermit."
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[10/31 7:48] Rellir@universal_blue raises an eyebrow at Kermit

[10/31 7:48] [Local] Rellir@universal_blue: I commend you, Lieutenant. You sound like a Romulan.

[10/31 7:49] [Local] Vsha@Mailman653: I haven't been on any missions since...*voice trails off and thinks*

[10/31 7:49] [Local] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: "He can hardly travel around with a fleet behind him if he wants to remain subtle. McCarthy only needs to keep him busy for a short time."

[10/31 7:49] [Local] Kermit@bobisgod171: "Shut up McCarthy," obviously in no mood.

[10/31 7:49] Katriel@evenrue eyes Kermit with some misgiving. "If I am not mistaken, Lieutenant, we continue to have no understanding on how that particular act of sabotage was carried out."

[10/31 7:49] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: But it seems unlikely that it utilized great *force*, but significant finesse.

[10/31 7:49] [Local] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: "Skill in sabotage is an entirely different matter from ship combat."

[10/31 7:49] McCarthy@eden001 stares at Kermit a moment. The man then forms the most wicked of grins, "Oh my.~ Someone sounds like a little sour puss.~"

[10/31 7:50] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: As it stands, we lack information and this is what we've been dealt in terms of assets to go get more information.

[10/31 7:51] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: Any more than this to check out a few dozen rocks floating in Drozana's orbit would likely be seen by many superior officers to be overkill.

[10/31 7:52] Katriel@evenrue pauses for a moment. "If you're uncomfortable being selected to sit in on the Victory, you may decline."

[10/31 7:52] Aurelia@aumerie might have muttered something about Starfleet continually underestimating the Tal Shiar, but she stops mid-sentence.

[10/31 7:52] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "Well, you know what they say. There's no kill like overkill."

[10/31 7:52] [Local] Rellir@universal_blue: Wait. Tal shiar?

[10/31 7:52] [Local] McCarthy@eden001: "And if you want to decline, then I'll just have to bring Kat along."

[10/31 7:52] Rellir@universal_blue looks at Aurelia

[10/31 7:53] Kermit@bobisgod171 shakes his head, "I'm not talking about more ships, I'm talking about going into this with some semblance of - ..."

[10/31 7:53] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "Vaebn. Whatever his current associates are, that is his background. Which means we have the advantage here, Kermit."

[10/31 7:54] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "He does not expect Starfleet to move decisively."

[10/31 7:54] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: "And that is exactly what we are doing here.":

[10/31 7:55] Kermit@bobisgod171 's glance snaps over to McCarthy for a moment as he stops mid-sentence. But now Aurelia's said her thing, and he'll look back to Kat, "No, no need to decline. On your order,

[10/31 7:56] Katriel@evenrue purses her lips. "This has gone on... long enough, I think. Lieutenant, I appreciate your concerns, but this is what we were given. If you have any quick suggestions on how to
immediately turn the

[10/31 7:56] McCarthy@eden001 sips his coffee again. The man taking no measure in hiding the absolutly wicked grin.

[10/31 7:56] [Local] Katriel@evenrue: our circumstances into more favorable ones before we depart, I'll be glad to hear them.

[10/31 7:58] [Local] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: "Do you have any suggestions for what to expect, Centurion T'Veras?"

[10/31 7:58] Kermit@bobisgod171 allows Aina's question to take the place of his response.

[10/31 8:00] Rellir@universal_blue looks at Aurelia

[10/31 8:00] Aurelia@aumerie thinks for a moment. "You will say I am paranoid," she says, carefully, "but in my experience when dealing with these people, that is the safest place to stand. The Tal Shiar *is* involved. They

[10/31 8:01] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: did kidnap that Ferengi. I would not trust anything said by any contact we see, trustworthy or not. I would keep our tactical officers at their stations. And I would have more than one solution for

[10/31 8:01] [Local] Aurelia@aumerie: every problem, because they will."

[10/31 8:17] [Fleet] Katriel@evenrue: <c> DS13 ops to all vessels. Please report readiness when prepared.

[10/31 8:19] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Paragon is ready.

[10/31 8:19] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: Breen dosn't care, just carries around a gun on his back. Ferengi chick is normally busy with consoles. Lizard chick will more then likely be happy to meat new people,
but her accent is weird, so on,-

[10/31 8:20] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [A Female Alien Voice] <C> "Victory izk ready!"

[10/31 8:20] [Fleet] Aurelia@aumerie: <C> Vastara is ready.

[10/31 8:22] [Fleet] Meridian@HyozanReckoner: *Com* "Aspera is ready and standing by."

[10/31 8:23] [Fleet] Katriel@evenrue: <c> Kindred checking in, standing by and ready.

[10/31 8:26] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [McCarthy] <C> Victory checking in. We're headed for the coordinates now.

[10/31 8:26] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Acknowledge, Victory. We will wait for your signal that Vaebn has arrived.

[10/31 8:27] [System] [LegacyFloaterMsg] Sensors detect something strange.

[10/31 8:28] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [McCarthy] <C> Warp signatures of a Romulan shuttle! We're hot!"

[10/31 8:29] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Victory, establish contact with the ship as part of the rendevous and confirm Vaebn's presence.

[10/31 8:34] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [L.O.G.A.N.] <C> "This is the Logistical Operations and Guided Automated Navigator. Victory is under red alert. Combat engaged, stand by for updates. Attempting to
manuver and take on enemy."

[10/31 8:35] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Victory, we are warping in now.

[10/31 8:35] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: No, tell them to hold! Don't blow the cover!

[10/31 8:35] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: Follow the shuttle, before you lose the trail.

[10/31 8:36] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [McCarthy] <C> "Hold! Don't blow our cover!"

[10/31 8:36] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: Rellir-- "This ship cannot take on a squadron of Tal Shiar!"

[10/31 8:36] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> McCarthy, what's your status?

[10/31 8:37] [Team] Vsha@Mailman653: *fusses around looking for seat belts*

[10/31 8:37] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [L.O.G.A.N.] <C> "Ship is working in status of Red Alert. All systems are functioning, shields are holding."

[10/31 8:39] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: Dawsons, sitting in his chair, would look away from the screen. "Give me a moment. I'm working on it! Gingri, prepare signal jammers! Gor'vek! Ro'zavi! diver power
from engines to weapons, hold them-

[10/31 8:40] McCarthy@eden001 | off for a bit. Make sure the shields hold. Anyone want to help out or you guys want to stand there while we fight this out?"

[10/31 8:40] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> McCarthy, what's going on out there?

[10/31 8:41] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: (Captain that last hit brought our shields down to 80 percent!)

[10/31 8:41] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: The shuttle, McCarthy, or we came here for nothing...

[10/31 8:41] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [L.O.G.A.N.] <C> "Ship is at normal capacity. Red alert status still in effect. Disengaging enemy, following discovered warp trail."

[10/31 8:42] [Team] Vsha@Mailman653: *clearly not used to combat, she grabs on to anything she can*

[10/31 8:46] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Victory, Vastara is approaching your trail under cloak.

[10/31 8:47] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: {L.O.G.A.N.] <C> "Victory has disengaged from combat. Be aware, two tails and signals of victory location are available. Seeing you current coordinates of Victory.
Please disregard ghost signature."

[10/31 8:47] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: *sending, not seeing))

[10/31 8:48] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: <Ship returning to normal space after warp from location.> "Everyone alright?"

[10/31 8:49] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: Rellir -- *Looks at Kermit and the Cardassian.*

[10/31 8:49] [Team] Vsha@Mailman653: All is well *hoping no one noticed her hugging a near by plant*

[10/31 8:50] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: We're fine. What've we got?

[10/31 8:51] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: |The Backup team sees the Tal Shiar Squadron may have picked them up on sensors as they tried to follow McCarthy.

[10/31 8:52] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: The warp trail ends here.

[10/31 8:54] [Fleet] Katriel@evenrue: <c> Victory, what's your status? Sensors have a shuttle on range, are you en route to contact?

[10/31 8:54] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: [A disembodied voice would reply] "All systems are normal, minimal damage sustained. Life support normal, shields, recharging, all decks normal. All--"

[10/31 8:54] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: [McCarthy] "Thanks, Logan. You can shush now."

[10/31 8:55] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [McCarthy] <C> "We're moving in for contact now. We have them."

[10/31 8:55] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: [McCarthy] "Logan. You know what to do. Anyone object to me doing my job? No? Good."

[10/31 8:56] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Acknowledged, Victory, we're approaching your location.

[10/31 8:58] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <C> Grunk is that you? Respond.

[10/31 9:01] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: McCarthy looks to the other three not of his crew.

[10/31 9:01] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: Rellir -- If I speak he will recognize my accent and believe the Tal Shiar have come for him.

[10/31 9:02] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <C> (The smooth male voice sounds a little angrier.) "Grunk! Respond! this better not be some sort of Trick!"

[10/31 9:02] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: "...But who was Grunk? Sorta need to remember I am just bait!"

[10/31 9:03] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: Rellir -- "I think he was the Ferengi who was hosting the Auction."

[10/31 9:03] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: *Leans against the nearest wall, apparently reveling in the lack of planning for this.*

[10/31 9:03] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: Rellir -- "Kermit! You were there and I wasn't."

[10/31 9:04] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: |The shuttles engines power up.

[10/31 9:04] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [A female Ferengi sounds over the comm relays] "I'm here! Having issues with the com relays, hold on! I'm piloting the rust bucket. Gah!"

[10/31 9:04] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: *he shrugs* Never heard that name.

[10/31 9:05] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: McCarthy stops, as Gingri takes the initicive. She stares at him, Dawsons just shrugs.

[10/31 9:05] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <C> *The male voice sounds confused.* "Grunk? Is there... something wrong with you?"

[10/31 9:06] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: Rellir -- *Narrows her eyes at Rellir.*

[10/31 9:06] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [The Female Ferengi] <C> "Of course not! It's the damned com relays, they've been out of whack on this junkyard ship. I was robbed! - Anyways. I'm here."

[10/31 9:07] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [Female Ferengi] <C> "And if I sound like a woman, don't tell me! I already know." [The action was followed by a rough sigh.]

[10/31 9:07] [Team] Vsha@Mailman653: *notices that the plant she was hugging was in fact a person....she says nothing and pretends it never happened*

[10/31 9:08] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: [The Plant person stands there, looking around. It makes the small sound of 'eeeeeeeee....' After being touched by the Cardassian.

[10/31 9:08] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <Vaebn> Fine. Where is my latinum? I am not at all pleased with... *There is a distinct pause as the female ferengi speaks*... What I have heard about the Auction."

[10/31 9:10] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [Gingri] "I did my best with what I had to do, but I scrounged up the Latinum. Everything is going as it should now."

[10/31 9:11] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <Vaebn> Fine. Put it in a container, and beam the container into space near the shuttle.

[10/31 9:11] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: Gingri looks at Dawsons again, with the comm muted. "What am I suppose to say?" She shouts at him. Dawsons shrugs, "Make something up! You're doing good so
far!" Gingri sighs, "You don't pay me enough

[10/31 9:11] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: for this."

[10/31 9:11] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: *shakes his head, muttering* Brilliant.

[10/31 9:12] [Team] Rellir@universal_blue: Rellilr -- *Contines to stare narrow-eyed at Kermit and finally moves over next to him, attempting to put a hand on Kermit's shoulder.*

[10/31 9:12] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: *isn't going to stop her from doing so*

[10/31 9:12] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [Gingri] <C> "Alright. Give me a minute. I have to go through the sotres and find how much I have to give you again... I noted it down somewhere. Just give me a bit."

[10/31 9:13] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: Dawsons looks over to the others. "So. What am I suppose to ask? Do you people want me to actually give him latinum? Come on now!"

[10/31 9:13] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <Vaebn> What do you mean search?!

[10/31 9:14] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: How should I know? I thought missions with you always worked out fine without plans?

[10/31 9:15] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [Gingri] <C> "What do you think? You heard how things have been going. Especially after having to get this ship, so I'm not tracked! So, unless you want to go over
everything with me again, let me --

[10/31 9:16] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: get things worked out. Alright?"

[10/31 9:16] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <Vaebn> I may need to.

[10/31 9:16] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [Gingri] <C> Then why don't you!

[10/31 9:17] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <Vaebn> If I do not get my Latinum, I will let the Tal Shiar know exactly where you are.

[10/31 9:18] [Fleet] Aurelia@aumerie: A Republic ship decloaks to the rear of the shuttle, immediately engaging the tractor beam towards it.

[10/31 9:18] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [Gingri] <C> "I told you I'm getting it.--"

[10/31 9:19] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: <C> What is the meaning of this! GRUNK! YOU HAVE BETRAYED ME!

[10/31 9:19] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: The Paragon swoops in shortly after the warbird decloaks.

[10/31 9:19] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: And engages an additional tractor beam on the shuttle.

[10/31 9:20] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: Comms. Comms, Comms ..Comms are open, JAM THE COMMS.

[10/31 9:21] [Fleet] Aurelia@aumerie: <C> Beam him off!

[10/31 9:21] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: The Paragon attempts to beam in the shuttle's crew directly into her brig.

[10/31 9:22] [TFA:SFK] Katriel@evenrue: You're not in our team, so I'll just report that she rolled a 100 for you.

[10/31 9:23] [Team] McCarthy@eden001: McCarthy looks over at Kermit, "...What?" He asks as the thought then dons on him. "....Crap. Gingri! Cooms!" Though it might be a little... to late for that.

[10/31 9:25] [Fleet] Rellir@universal_blue: |There is a sparkle of light in the cabin of the shuttle before it explodes.

[10/31 9:26] [Fleet] Aurelia@aumerie: <C> Sensors detecting incoming warp signatures! Did we get him?

[10/31 9:27] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> We have him.

[10/31 9:28] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [L.O.G.A.N.] "Incoming Warp signatures detected, red alert is adviced."

[10/31 9:28] [Team] Kermit@bobisgod171: Time to go.

[10/31 9:28] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Can you get a read on the number of ships?

[10/31 9:30] [Team] Vsha@Mailman653: *looks at the view screen* Not again...

[10/31 9:30] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [L.O.G.A.N.] <C> "Five ships on screen. - Engaging Isthilian Cloak."

[10/31 9:31] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> We can take them.

[[10/31 9:33] [Fleet] McCarthy@eden001: [L.O.G.A.N.] <C> "Victory is pulling back and returning to DS13. Please, have a nice day."

[10/31 9:34] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> *Stifled sigh* Acknowledge. We're holding here to engage the Tal Shair.

[10/31 9:42] [Fleet] Katriel@evenrue: <c> Hostiles engaged.

[10/31 9:44] [Fleet] Aurelia@aumerie: <C> Another wave en route. How many of them are there?

[10/31 9:44] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> We're holding well so far.

[10/31 9:48] [Fleet] Aurelia@aumerie: <C> Sensor clear on this end.

[10/31 9:48] [Fleet] Katriel@evenrue: <c> Same.

[10/31 9:48] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> All hostiles destroyed.

[10/31 9:48] [Fleet] Aurelia@aumerie: <C> Good work.

[10/31 9:49] [Fleet] Aina Harker@hyperewok1: <c> Indeed. Back to DS13, then.

[10/31 9:49] [Fleet] Katriel@evenrue: <c> En route.