December 17th | Operations Briefing: House Arterius

Following their discovery of a previously unknown species inside the Crossroads Nebula, the crews of the Mariner and the Dragon return to Deep Space 13 to discuss their possible connection to the recent unrest in Cardassian space, and plot their next move with 38th Fleet Command.

Shift Time: Beta Shift (-1, 3:00 PM EST)

Audience: New and previous attendees of the Cardassian arc events, Aries Squadron captains and officers, diplomats.

RESERVED - 9 out of 12 slots available.

RP Format: GM

Setting: Deep Space 13

Starting Point: Fleet Research Lab Conference Room

OOCThis event is the eighth episode of the fleet-wide arc for Argo between official expansions. It will serve as an in-character AAR for the events of “The Hand That Feeds the Snake,” as well as set up the endgame for this story. Cardassian Union characters, Admirals, Captains, ship senior officers, and the Deep Space 13 Diplomatic Corps. are heavily encouraged to participate. If you haven’t attended any of these events prior to now, this will feature a lot of recaps to help bring you up to speed.


Starting location has been updated due to forecasted attendance. We will now be starting in the conference room of the Fleet Research Lab.