December 3 -Convoy to Ch'Aehkla

On Stardate 92864.7, Deep Space Thirteen hosted a high level conference between the Romulan Republic and the Federation. Senators Ihuienius tr’Keras and Havaid tr’Mas, escorted by Admiral Tokkra tr’Rehu of the Joint Squadron Initiative, and Federation Councilors Risha Lentish of Trill and Avitian Bahdan of Betazed were in attendance.

Agreements, alliances and plans were made behind closed doors by the attendees and publicly Senator Ihuienius tr’Keras did his best to bring attention to the plight of the Republic-Aligned Ch’Aehkla Colony and arrange for Aid to be delivered to it.

Behind the scenes, the crew of Deep Space Thirteen did their best to keep the high level conference as safe as possible, and even successfully warded off an assassination attempt on Senator Ihuienius tr’Keras. What they didn’t know is that someone had already gotten to Councilor Avitian Bahdan before she had even arrived on Deep Space Thirteen. The medical staff did everything they could to save her, but even Starfleet’s Medical Magic has its limits.

The Senators and Coucilor have returned home now, and it’s time to take the gathered Aid to the Ch’Aehkla Colony. The 38th Fleet and it’s Romulan Detachment have been tasked with making certain the four freighters filled with the Aid Donations get safely to Ch’Aehkla.


When: Saturday, December 3, at Beta

Where: The “Blasted Foundry” ™ is still down, so this will be done through Bridge RP and possibly Patrol Missions.

What: Convoy Duty! Action! DOOOOM! ™

OOC point of contact: @universal_blue


This is part two of the “Senator’s Plea” storyline. Part One occurred on November 12, 2016, and there are two other events planned after this one.

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Oh! This also may, or may not have something to do with the Storyline as well:

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Marking my calendar.
Me too!
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Same here u.u
I too shall attempt to make it, besides.. we need someone to antagonize the Romulans...
I will try to be there, but I cannot make any promises for that weekend.
Sounds like a good way to use Timo back for some RP :) I'll try to be there (possibly as a passenger of one of the participating ships, since the Ananke is officially in drydock...if someone would be so kind to take me on board <3)
I'll try to be there with Somek, it'd be nice to use his escort ship as an actual escort instead of just routine patrols.
Stuck in grading hell and the baby hasn't been well for the past few days so I'll miss this one. :(
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I can't be there on time but if it's still going in a half hour to an hour and you need some backup or something I'll probably be on.
Sivath can't come, but if it's still going when I get there I'll try to lurk.
Terribly sorry that at the end I didn't manage to get there :(
:) aar will be up tomorrow~
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Most of my log entry dealt with the mission as well, if you wish to use any of it.
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