Delta Quadrant patrols

It's been more than 30 years since Voyager passed through this region of space, but the echoes of what Captain Janeway and her crew did linger.

Starfleet needs to re-establish relationships here. Argo vessels have been assigned regions of space to patrol. Meet the locals and find out how things stand in the Delta Quadrant today.


When: immediately! Goes until all patrols have have been completed. Gammas will be used to complete a couple patrols at a time if they don't happen otherwise.

Where: Delta Quadrant

What: Canonifying Delta quadrant patrols

From Friends in Unlikely Places
  • Argala System (AAR)
  • Jarleth System (AAR)
  • Borg Battlefield
  • Ocampa Freighter (AAR)

From Enemies in All the Usual Places
  • Sakari System (AAR)
  • Trakia System (AAR)
  • Shivolia System (AAR)
  • Nassordin System (AAR)

From With Friends Like These
  • Parein System (AAR)
  • Kendren System (no AAR recorded. Sensors detecting energy weapon signatures.)
  • Nanipia System (no AAR recorded. Cluster of Benthan vessels in the system.)
  • Orendal System (AAR)
  • Legira System (no AAR recorded. Coordinates for a Vaadwaur communications network, tap and get information)

From Know Your Enemies
  • Rivos System: distress signal from a freighter vessel
  • Brothra System: sensors detecting a Collective vessel that has taken heavy damage
  • Nular System (no AAR recorded. Reports of Vaadwaur seen in the area.)

From Better with Friends
  • Ram Izad System: Distress call from a Benthan vessel
  • Zahl System: Distress call from a Cooperative colony
  • Farn System: Distress call from Cooperative vessels
  • Kelsid System: Talaxian distress signal
  • Xiokel System: Request from Delta Command to aid in diplomatic negotiations between the Benthans and the Hazari

From Taking Care of Enemies
  • Wyanti System: Turei cruiser hailing for assistance
  • Pansarka System: ((this patrol was really horrible. don't do it.))
  • Kinbar System: Distress call from a Hierarchy vessel
  • Tekara System: Malon Outpost broadcasting for assistance
  • Gerren System: Rendezvous with a Vaadwaur vessel to discuss an amnesty agreement


For those who are having issues getting into the same patrol mission as the rest of your group, these steps have worked for me a couple of times in the past, though by no means guaranteed:

1. start with everyone outside the system
2. have the team leader enter first
3. have team leader pass lead to someone else, then passed back
4. all other team members enter


((So how this works will just be like the Pariah system surveys. It is MANDATORY to take at least one other player when you do these patrols. Pick one of the available missions, RP it out, and write up an AAR to let the rest of us know what's there!

This mission brief will remain until all patrols have been accounted for through AARs.))
Mission brief information has been updated to include the next set of patrols.

Again, we'll be running through a pair of these patrols during this upcoming gamma if they don't all get eagerly taken up in the meantime by players who are bored. :roll:
I marked off the Borg Battlefield, as this was done during Gamma the same day as the Jarleth System patrol. There was just no write-up for it because I'm a lazy git. :d
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Next set of patrols are ready for consumption.

Please note that Orendal System is off-limits as it's been reserved by a member for an event. I lied, Orendal's open for consumption as well.