Discourse Formatting Update

Hello Argo!

I’m thrilled to (finally) unveil an update we’ve been working on for discourse. We’ve enabled access to html classes and inline css styling. If you don’t know what that means, that’s okay! We’ve written a huge guide to formatting that’ll help you out.

This unlocks a ton of flexibility (to do nonsense like the obnoxious rainbow greeting above), but it is a pretty huge change behind the scenes. The days of tags like <div data-*> are officially over and that means some current posts are going to need to be updated to use the new format. By now some of you have already noticed these:

LCARS Update Required

popping up around the site, particularly in IC areas like character profiles and ship records. That warning means exactly what it says on the tin - something nearby is using the old format and needs to be updated.

While some things might appear to be okay, aside from the warning, that’s not the case and it will stop working at some time in the future.

In our testing, we didn’t find anything that was possible in the old format that isn’t easily recreated using the new methods, but if you discover something you’re having trouble with please let us know so we can look into it!

I recommend utilizing the Forum Code Help thread in discord to ask questions, but feel free to ping me directly or open a ticket as well.

Without further ado, I present your go-to reference to formatting on this site:

Formatting Guide

This guide includes basic and advanced formatting for posts, as well as standards and templates for both character profiles/dossiers and ship records. Enjoy!


Just in case it wasn’t clear in the first post, or you got distracted by all the pretty formatting:

Anywhere that you see LCARS Update Required something is broken. Even if it looks okay now,
it WILL be broken in the next update and then your stuff won’t be pretty anymore!

Anything that uses a tag that looks like <div data-something> or <span data-something> is the problem. Once you find it, you’ll want to head over to the appropriate section of the new formatting guide and take a look at the new way to do whatever it is.

The most common things that are going to be broken are:

  • Dossier career timelines, ribbons boxes, medical records, and registered family.
  • Ship Record infoboxes and specifications boxes
  • Ship Record crew rosters

As you go about making new posts, please also keep an eye out for any of these those data-* tags. If you have them saved in your own templates, please make sure to update them. If you discover them lingering around anywhere in anything pre-filled, please let staff know.

Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for your understanding, and happy updating!