Distribution of Personal Information | To: DS-13 (Station-wide)

Stardate 94441.3
Security Level 1: Open
TO DS-13 (Station-wide)
CC RDML Konieczko
SUBJ. Distribution of Personal Information

Now Hear This:

On Stardate 94435.4, an issue with the LCARS currently installed on 38th Fleet systems was identified as permitting unauthorised access to personal data in the form of search result listings. The release notes for an update intended to resolve this issue made the issue a matter of public knowledge, which has since been exploited by an individual or individuals within the 38th Fleet.

Although these search results can be accessed by exploiting the issue in our current LCARS, doing so is traceable, and is a violation of numerous Starfleet and Federation regulations regarding the handling of personal information. Distributing, or simply viewing, information about other personnel which is intended to be private--even when, e.g. through technological fault, that information becomes otherwise accessible--is a violation of ethical and information security protocols. Deep Space 13 Command takes such violations seriously, and investigations are ongoing to trace and identify any and all individuals who have utilised the aforementioned exploit in order to obtain the search histories of other personnel. Actions of this sort may result in court-martial, and penalties up to and including dismissal from Starfleet.

In addition, I remind you that knowingly sharing (as by word-of-mouth) information obtained through unauthorised means is also a violation of Starfleet and Federation regulations with regard to the ethical handling of personal information; as is failing to report instances of such violations, which may result in one being charged as an accessory to any such violation.

If you have any information about the unauthorised access or spread of personal information as a result of the LCARS issue described above, you are instructed to contact Commander Strand in Security to report the details. Failure to report, if discovered, will be dealt with to the fullest disciplinary extent available, whereas those who report voluntarily will be addressed in a more accomodating fashion.

End station-wide communication.

Commander Caspius
Executive Officer, Deep Space 13