Do Not Poison Castillo

To: Castillo, V. (@Calyx)
From: Niazov, S.
Subj: Dinner Date


So Free Stuff Day is coming up soon. I figured I’d return the favor for the dinner you made. Buuuuuut since I can’t cook, I’d rather not accidently poison you. That would be bad. I mean, we could record you choking and dying on whatever monstrosity of food I made and send it to a Romulan movie company that needs extras for a scene they might be shooting, but I feel like that’s a lot of effort. Sometime before the end of the year, we should go out to dinner sometime - I’ll cover it. Oh and uh, sorry about the last email. I kinda rambled a little.

Anyway, see you.


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To: Niazov, S.
From: Castillo, V.
Subj: Re: Dinner Date

Regarding Free Stuff Day and your offer not to poison me, I’ve given it some thought and we might be missing an opportunity here. How good a doctor can I be if I can’t fix up a single adventurous diner? Seems like a small price to pay for an authentic Niazovian dining experience. But if you’re set on going out instead, I’ll make my peace with it.

Regarding the rambling, it took me a long time to finish reading that because I was pretty sure you were breaking up with me. Dinner sounds much better to me, unless you’re asking me out so you can break up with me in public someplace and hoping I won’t make a scene. Just so you know, I’m not above crying and begging the other customers to talk you out of it, so if that’s your aim, pick your venue carefully.

Seriously, Sonya, it’d be really nice to see you for more than half an hour. We’ve been working on this thing for a while and you’ve hardly wrecked my life at all yet. I was sold a bill of goods, advocate.

Miss you.