Does your character have any phobias, fears, or dislikes?

totally not asking for plot ideas

As stated in the title! Does your character (or characters) have anything that they are scared of or just don’t like?


Ayesha is a bit of a germaphobe and doesn’t like getting her hands directly dirty. It doesn’t stop her when she has to but she absolutely hates it.

She has a phobia of insects and other creepy crawlies. Her worst nightmare is to be stuck in a swampy forest.


Mai’kull Barron

Primarily has an Irrational Fear of Snakes, and general “abominations to natural biology”.
((Think Necromorphs from Dead Space))

“Nothing without legs or external appendages should move that fast…” - Cmdr. Barron



Fiona is not afraid of much, but the one thing that terrifies her more than anything is the thought of anything happening to her family or loved ones.


Keri's biggest fear is anything happening to Fiona, she thought Fiona had died once already and it almost broke her.


Cecilia's has a strong dislike of large insects, moths, etc. She does not mind average-sized ones but when they start getting bigger than a couple of inches is when she nopes out when she can.
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