Does your character have, or ever had, any pets?

Does your character have, or ever had, any pets?
"You know, Annica? I bet you'd love a dog" the Engineering chief said to her Captain, laughing over a glass of tea. "No, really, I'm not kidding! You seem like you would just LOVE a cuddly creature" Annica paused, taking another sip from her tea, her face watching the Bajoran carefully. "Really, Rat, you honestly think so?" asked the Captain, grinning in jest. "Captain, OF COURSE! I think.. hm... Well, you are quite small, so maybe it would be best if the dogs you got were small, too, hm?" Rat let out a laugh, the Bajoran obviously thinking her joke was hilarious.

Annica, however, gave her a smirk, jabbing a finger into the shoulder of her fellow officer. "Make one more joke about my height and I'll give ya another scar on that pretty face of yours!" She grinned, the two sharing a close relationship. Rat grinned in return, pulling out a PADD. "Look, Annica, I even compiled a list of dog breeds I think you would like!" Annica took the PADD reluctantly, looking at the pictures of various breeds in front of her, with Rat's personal notes of course. "What about this one?" she asked, pointing to a small dog, that looked almost fox like, with pointed ears, a curling tail, and a short, orange coat. "Ah! Shiba Inus! A popular breed from Earth!" Rat almost squealed with excitement.


"Honestly, Echo, you are being a little enthusiastic about this" said Ilevaine, a stern Vestacean, her skin and hair bearing a rosy pink tone, in comparison to Annica's blue. "Two dogs. Are you sure you can handle this?" Annica grinned at her old friend. "Please, Ile, I can handle two puppies!" Ilevaine sighed, leaning up against a lightpost in the Mission district of San Francisco. "The breeder said she was going to be here twenty minutes ago. What is going on?" asked Ilevaine, obviously impatient. "You know, Ilevaine, if I didn't know better, I would think you almost didn't want to come with me on shore leave." Annica winked at Ilevaine, sticking out her tongue. Ilevaine simply rolled her eyes, giving Annica a look.

After a few more minutes of idle banter, an exasperated looking woman heads over to the two, a small basket in hand. "Erm, Captain?" she asks, the civilian a little intimidated to be talking with two Starfleet officers. "Yes, that would be me, and you would be Claire?" Annica replied, giving a welcoming smile to the woman. Ilevaine simply crossed her arms. "Alright, let me just.. take you two inside, hm, and we can get a good look at these puppies!" suggested the breeder, looking to Annica. The woman unlocked the gate to her house, and ushered the two inside.

And with that, Annica came face to face with her new puppies, Miyo and Yuuko!

Dossera hated her civillian life. Yet she had a pretty nice day, so far. She was hiding in a bush right now and looked through the scope of her plasma rifle. She grinned, as she could clearly aim at her sisters torso.

Then something caught her eye ... a small rat-like creature ran a few meters in front of her, holding something in its claws.

She looked at it through the scope and saw, that the creature had snatched away a khellid-egg. She aimed and shot near the creature, which screeched and lost the egg.

Dossera looked to her sister, but T'lisska wasn't to be seen anywhere. She sighed and got up, claimed the egg and holds it against her ear.

It moved. It was still alive. She weighed the egg, unsure what to do. Then she took the egg into her bag and signaled T'lisska and her father, that she stopped the training.


After the angry discussion with her father, she sat in front of the incubator, and watched the egg hatching. The white larva moved towards the food, she placed in there and begann to eat. Dossera grinned. Like a romulan child, it took, what it wanted.


T'lisska watched the cocoon suspiciously. Dosseras face was full of hope and happiness. She grabbed her sisters shoulder, as the cocoon opened, and a small, but adult Khellid crawled out of it.

"Isn't it beautiful?" asked she, while T'lisska rolled with her eyes.
"Sure ... just take care, he doesn't feeds on my stuff ... I'm outside, practicing."
Dossera just nodded absent minded. She started to caress the Khellid, who, still knowing her smell since he was a larva, chirped in a content manner.

"You survived from Egg, through Larva and cocoon to be a full insect. So you deserves a name and I'll call you Praetor."
Ten years old, young Gideon sat on the porch looking out on the dusty flat and the colony beyond. On the horizon you could see the debris clouds from the harvesters far beyond sight. All the dust in the atmosphere made every sunset a menagerie of reds and yellows fading into dark rich blue of the coming night. A cool breeze swept past, heralding the coming storm.

Gideon stood and brushed the seat of his pants, gesturing to the old hound dog to his right.
"C'mon now McCoy... we best put tha horses inside."

The old dog complied. Even in his old age, the dog had been young Gideon's guardian and playmate since he was born. And sometimes the closest thing to a friend as the older human children mocked Gideon for being a "little spot head".

The wind and dust picked up as the young boy and his longtime companion made their way to the stable....
Present day:

Osiangli stands outside his doorway, a pack of materials typically packed for a vacation in his hands. The usual, his clothes, a PADD, a few tricorders. But as he looked around the room he noticed something missing. "The tribbles!" he realized, and so he went around the room, looking for each and everyone, then he put them in a small box, and cryofroze them. "Good, now I don't have to worry about them taking over my plants." he still felt as though something was missing, and then he saw it, his slug.

Sitting on top of his dresser was a two foot long cylindrical thing. It was grey and breathing slowly, but clearly, without eyes and just a single large hole in one end of it. It was quite an odd pet, but it was an old bioweapon he had taken care of. As Osiangli saw it he slowly went over to it, calmly picked it up, and held it under his arm. "There, no we can go."
K'meiuu looked around as she stepped of Tavistock's transporter pad. First to greet her was, of course, the little holographic 'avatar' of the ship - about 3/4 of a metre long and half that wide, a holographic shark-faced Sao Paulo. As she steps out of the tiny transporter room, a tabby cat brushes past her legs, before going on her way. "Evening Peppermint" she purrrs, giving the ship's cat some fuss.

Opening the door to her quarters, she's nearly taken off her feet by her beagle, Grey.
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Ok, here my list. Zala owns a fully grown war targ named stinky and a beagle. T'Paal holds a selath that actually belongs to her daughter. Seven of Five got a white cat and a exocomp with the behavior of a dog. Vatka ownes a nanov, minsk, he totally gives rix the creeps. And s'ill? Belive it or not but that caitan got a tropical risian bird in he quarters.



Nessa is a 12 year old cat who has been with Tau since she was a kitten. Sara Desimone and Tau adopted the kitten when they were first together, shortly before the outbreak of the Klingon war. When Sara left to fight against the borg in Omega and the couple broke up, Nessa remained with Tau.

She also was one of the survivors when U.S.S. Janus was lost under Tau's command. This slightly bitchy cat lives an easy life now on DS13 and Tau dotes on her.



This Rotty is just over one and a half years old. Tau bought her as a companion during his absence from Sadia after transferring to the region. She has since been a steadfast companion - not very intelligent, but a big old doggy heart.

Sir Chubs-A-Lot

A Sagqhom field gerbil who was a gift from Captain Sadia Cynis as a 'souvenir' from her time participating in a Klingon tournament. Sir Chubs-A-Lot mostly keeps to himself. When threatened, he puffs into a ball and rolls around. In Tau's quarters, he does this in a hamster ball ... mostly to protect him from Nessa and Mompati, who might mistake him as prey and/or a squeaky ball.


Mother and her harem

Thue has one pet, and additionally, a menagerie.

The singular pet who is treated like anyone might expect a pet to be is Mother. Mother, a white-colored Risian Caracal, was purchased by the Romulan several years ago from a pet dealer in orbit of Risa. Mother (as her name implies) was purchased pregnant with a litter of kittens.

Thue saw through with her intent to bring Mother's kittens into her ongoing medical project - treating the lab animals humanely and keeping them in stasis when there is not room aboard the small vessel to allow them the space they need - but Mother was never entered into the medical project.

Mother lives a very pampered life in Thue's quarters. Easily made jealous, she treats Thue's fiance Ahnar with disdain but is ultimately harmless.

Several males have been purchased for potential breeding partners for Mother. She has had several litters with two of them - heatwave and sunbeam varities - but she remains the only named Caracal. The males not utilized for breeding purposes have been given to other crew members or placed into stasis.

Thue adores Mother. No individual, save for her small scientific team on Aensai, knows how many kittens have been cloned off of the DNA of Mother and her harem of males. That is highly classified.

"How about you, Lieutenant? You have a pet?"

Eshka looked up at the question, seeming a little distracted or even disoriented, as if roused from a daydream. The big friendly dog she'd been petting and talking to continued to pant adoringly up at her, nuzzling her hands.

"Oh, uh, no... we tend not to keep animals, Betazoids I mean. It's too easy for us to get, um, caught up in 'the passion of the beast'. That's how I always heard it growing up." Then, in response to the unspoken yet insistent question in the canine's imploring gaze: "No, I'm sorry, I don't have a treat for you. I don't! You should ask--" She looked up again, blushing as she realized that she'd spoken aloud. Suddenly self-conscious and with cheeks aglow, she murmured apologies to both dog and owner and quickly excused herself.


"Me? Ha, no," Sanara answered her - lover? girlfriend? partner? Insufficient data for a meaningful answer, she thought once again to herself. "I have lab specimens. I don't think it's right, morally, to keep an animal in captivity for companionship. For study, sure... but only if they're treated as ethically and 'humanely' as possible, and not subjected to any invasive procedures unless absolutely necessary. There's a whole PADD full of rules and policy we have to follow, if you're ever in need of a little light reading... or sedation," she finished wryly.

"Does that mean you think less of me?" the taller woman asked softly, avoiding eye contact.

"No, not at all," the Trill murmured, brushing her lips over the other captain's in what she hoped was a reassuring kiss. "You're a good person, and..." She took a deeper breath. "Despite what I might think, or say, or feel sometimes, it's not my place to question or second-guess you. You're an adult, and an officer; your personal, moral decisions are between you and your conscience. And sometimes Starfleet Command." The flicker of a smile, returned in kind, followed by a long, companionable silence and other pleasant contact. Then, at last:

"I will say, it was definitely a highlight of Tamri's career to get to meet and work with George and Gracie. But they weren't our whales, any more than we were their people... though I admit, sometimes the lines got a little blurry."


"A pet?" Taela blinked twice, and then she wasn't looking at the person who'd asked anymore, but at something very far away. "Once," she finally said, dark eyes still distant and voice full of longing and regret. "A long time ago. Another life."

That, as most of Vauthil's crew (and all of her officers) knew, was code for "I don't want to talk about it." So they didn't, and the conversation moved on.


Four years ago, Aurum was bought as an unhatched egg from an exotic pet vendor by Zasj and gifted to Kela. What hatched, the genetically altered miniature dinosaur, was named Aurum after one of Kela's favorite things.

The reptile has a propensity for chewing and nipping on things and people. Over years, Kela has been able to break him of the habit. She hadn't been particularly interested in stopping the behavior until she and Zasj decided to have a child. Once Alin was on the way, making sure the bitey little dino controlled himself was suddenly a lot more important.

Kela doesn't take Aurum off of FMS Relentless much anymore, maybe due to the size of DS13 and the potential damage it could cause her reputation. She insists, though, that Aurum and her daughter are best buddies.

I had a slug once.
Does your character have, or ever had, any pets?

Sulayman and Eunha have a small cavapoo puppy named Rana (Arabic for Beautiful)
Spoiler: RanaShow

Sulayman got Rana as a way to try and overcome his fear of dogs. The results were questionable, but Sulayman adores Rana and Rana in turn loves Eunha. And Sulayman. But mostly Eunha.

It also was a way for Sulayman to try to prove to himself that he could take care of something else that was not himself, trying to build his confidence for one day having a bigger responsiblity and duty to others in his family, like Eunha if they got married, and their children, if they had any.

Things didn't really pan out the way Sulayman expected and he's stuck with more responsibility than he's ready for. Rana however, reminds him of his duty and his willingness to do what it takes for the future. Rana is also really good at relieving Sulayman's stress. I mean... just look at those cute eyes and those little feet - who can stay stressed when you have something like that bounding on you?

Jax the Cardassian Vole, lives in a sizable cage onboard the Akagi inside Nimitz's ready room.


Tardis the Blue Alfa-177 Canine, a long time loyal pet to Nimiz, once part of the Federation Security K-9 department, upon retirement, Nimitz adopted Tardis.


William 'Willy' the Conquer, rescued and adopted by Nimitz as a stray puppy on the streets of New Circini, Willy lives onboard the USS Akagi, acting as the ship's mascot and is frequently entertaining the crew when needed, especially during a long duty shift.


Asu, a mini-Sehlat, adopted by Alistair's wife. The most mischievous of all the pets, he frequently attempts to trick Nimitz into breaking his diet by slipping treats and other foods.
Does your character have, or ever had, any pets?

Do humans count?
Overheard in the Hydroponics Bay of Deep Space Thirteen:

"Oh is that your pet?"

"What epohh?? Where??"

"That bright pink fuzzy thing at your feet, trying to hide behind the brilliant green foliage of that bush."

"It's not a bush."

"You're changing the subject..."

"Why is it looking at me like that?"

"That's his feed me or die expression!"