Dominion Protocol: Isep Xedi

To: Kalris
CC: Eiten; Algrun
From: AMB Aravia
Subj: Isep Xedi

To All Concerned,

The instability caused by the recent change in government in Isep Xedi has caught the interest of the United Federation of Planets. In order to ensure peace and stability, the following directives are to be taken into effect.

  1. Any commercial vessels entering the Isep Xedi System registered to the Dominion or to assets controlled by the Dominion, directly or otherwise, are to be unarmed. Any escort vessels are not to possess official ties to the Dominion. This office would much rather prefer to deal with a case of the Federation firing upon unarmed civilian vessels than having to explain why the Dominion is militarizing its trade with the Xedi.

  2. Conflict with any Xedi factions presently hostile to the new ruling government will be handled entirely through proxies. Direct intervention is presently frowned upon due to reputational concerns, along with the possibility of Starfleet reciprocating with an intervention of their own.

  3. Lastly, Dominion vessels are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from engaging ANY Starfleet or Federation vessels. This includes trade interdiction, assistance in skirmishes or battles, and other potential military standoffs. The government of Isep Xedi is deemed sufficient in defending itself. Any escalations of this are to occur at the diplomatic level. The Romulan intervention in destroying the Xedi carrier is as unexpected as it is disturbing. For now, do not discriminate between Federation and Romulan vessels.

It is currently determined that the best course of action is to act through proxy. Ways and means will be explored. The military is authorized to explore them. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a referral to the Dominion Ministry of Information.

The acquisition of Isep Xedi into the Dominion sphere of influence is seen as beneficial and worthy of maintenance. However, the political backlash has been significant. The most important matter is to ensure that the conflict does not escalate beyond a local one within Xedi politics. The idea of compromising the Khitomer Alliance or engaging in a hot war with the other galactic powers is not up for consideration.

This office remains dedicated to the Alliance.

Do not distribute this message to anyone outside the Dominion.

Dominion Ambassador