Dossier: R'Rurra



Lieutenant Commander

Chief Medical Officer,
U.S.S. Brindisi



59247.6 (April 01, 2382)
New Monaco, Riviera (OchsV), Ochs System
1.88m (6'2")
75.93kg (163 lbs)


2404 | Graduated Starfleet Academy

2408 | Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy

2408 | Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2408 | Assigned to the USS Bethune

2409 | Awarded Starfleet Purple Heart (1st)

2409 | Citation for Meritorious Service

2410 | Awarded Starfleet Purple Heart (2nd)

2410 | Promoted to Lieutenant

2412 | Awarded Starfleet Purple Heart (3rd)

2413 | Assigned to Federation Embassy on New Romulus

2413 | Citation for Valor

2414 | Assigned to the USS Akula

2416 | Awarded Starfleet Medal of Valor

2416 | Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

2419 | Assigned to USS Brindisi

2419 | Assigned to USS De Milo


R'Rurra was born on the resort planet of Riviera (Ochs V). As the oldest of 8 siblings, she often found herself in the role of caretaker. It was only fitting that she decided to pursue a career in medicine. However, the true catalyst that inspired her career occurred when she was eight years of age. A genetic heart defect caused her to go into cardiac arrest, but due to the quick actions of her doctors she was saved. During her recovery from artificial heart surgery she looked on the doctors and nurses with great admiration and became enamored with the medical arts. She comes to highly regard Admiral Leonard H. McCoy, M.D., the designer of the series of artificial hearts she was implanted with, after reading about his exploits and accomplishments. When given the opportunity to name her youngest brother, she chooses a phonetically similar Caitian name: M'Koyh. Later, with Klingon/Federation relations breaking down and the possibility of war looming, R'Rurra decided to do her part by joining Starfleet and becoming a doctor, leaving behind what could have been a promising career as an entertainer and model. Already showing a talent and a keen interest in languages during her time on Riviera, she chooses to continue that study as a dual major.

R'Rrurra enrolls at Starfleet Academy, San Francisco campus in 2400. She enters the Science career path, studying dual majors in Xenobiology and Xenolinguistics, with a minor in Communications/Operations. She initially struggles with her grades. After seeking Counseling assistance, she shows marked improvement in her second semester. During her third semester in 2403 she receives a reprimand on her record for involvement in a series of pranks on the Academy grounds which got out of hand. No academic punishment is received, due to her cooperation with the ensuing investigation. R’Rurra graduates from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign in 2404, and enrolls in Starfleet Medical Academy to continue her studies. During the break between she marries fellow Academy classmate Ensign M'Harir. In 2408 she graduates from Starfleet Medical Academy and is awarded the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade.

Dr. R’Rurra was assigned to the U.S.S. Bethune, a Nebula-class medical ship. She receives citation for Meritorious Service during the defense of the Federation colony on Ajilon Prime in 2409, for her actions as a combat medic. In 2410 she is promoted to full Lieutenant, and begins serving half of her duty shifts as science officer on the bridge during Gamma shift(2300-0700 hours).

Her husband, Lieutenant M’Harir was killed during a battle with the KDF in 2412. R’Rurra is granted bereavement leave during which she returned to her home of New Monaco to spend time with family. While there, she begins performing regularly as a singer at Séduire, a nightclub. Her post aboard the Bethune was filled by a new officer after a request for extending her bereavement leave from Starfleet was approved.

After returning to duty, she was reassigned to assist in the colonization of New Romulus, serving as both a doctor and medical researcher. After she and her team survived a particularly harrowing encounter with a Hirogen hunting party, she felt ready to return to life aboard a starship and put in a request to do so.

R’Rurra is assigned to the U.S.S. Akula, a Nova-class Science vessel as CMO, as part of the 26th Fleet. Due to staffing issues she occasionally takes on the role of acting Science Officer, as well as Communications Officer. The Akula is assigned exploration missions in the region known as "The Outback".

After systems of “The Outback” were relocated to the Zenas Expanse under mysterious circumstances, the Akula and her crew are reassigned to the newly-formed Zenas Expeditionary Force. In 2414, while the Akula is undergoing refit at DS515 “Magellan”, R’Rurra and several other crew members of the Akula(including her CO Lt. Commander Eealu Narzin, and XO Lt. Sabin Grax) take a Runabout on a survey mission in the Z-47 asteroid belt. While returning to Magellan they were attacked by True Way forces, and forced to emergency beam out on a nearby M-class world before the Runabout was destroyed. The crew remained MIA for a month while remaining hidden from the True Way. They were eventually rescued when a signal they bounced off their damaged emergency buoy was detected. After returning, she and the other officers resumed their posts aboard the Akula, and resumed exploration of the Expanse.

In 2416 she is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and the Akula is reassigned to the 38th Fleet ARGO. The crew of the Akula resumes missions of reconnaissance and scientific exploration while attached to Deep Space 13. In their first patrol mission, the crew of the Akula was able to uncover the actions of a group of Boslic pirates that stole pieces of a Federation subspace communication amplifier buoy and took Federation citizens prisoner. The Akula was able to rescue the prisoners and R'Rurra was instrumental in reclaiming the stolen items diplomatically through the offer of medical services.

In early 2419 R'Rurra is assigned to the U.S.S. Brindisi, a Vesta-class Multi-Mission Exploration Vessel (Brigid variant), as CMO. When the Brindisi is transferred to another fleet, R'Rurra remains with the 38th and is assigned to the U.S.S. De Milo, an Alita-class Heavy Escort as CMO.

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Citation for Meritorious Service (during the defense of the Federation colony on Ajilon Prime)
- 2409
Starfleet Purple Heart (in combat against KDF forces during Klingon-Federation War)
- 2409, 2410, 2412
Citation for Valor (due to actions during a Hirogen ambush)
- 2413
Starfleet Medal of Valor (for distinguished actions during marooning of Akula crew in 2414)
- 2416

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Academic Probation (Starfleet Academy)
- 2400
Reprimand for Behavior Unbecoming of a Cadet
- 2403
Extended Leave Taken (approved, but included here as a matter of note due to interruption of Starfleet service)
- 2412-2413

  • SPOUSE Lieutenant M'Harir. Starfleet Security Officer, b.2362, d.2412 (aged 29).
  • MATERNAL M'Kisa. b.2362.
  • PATERNAL Hakuo. b.2361.
  • SIBLING M'Rows. Sister, b.2384.
  • SIBLING S’Relar. Sister, b.2386.
  • SIBLING Ruvor. Brother, b.2388.
  • SIBLING C’Gewar. Brother, b.2389.
  • SIBLING Shigesa. Sister, b.2391.
  • SIBLING Sanuh. Sister, b.2393.
  • SIBLING M’Koyh. Brother, Starfleet Cadet, b.2396.


STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: Raphael Kaifette, CMO DS13

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R'Rurra's artificial heart is not due for replacement or repair for at least another decade, barring any damage sustained or unforeseen mechanical failure.

STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: Winford Charlot, Ship’s Counselor USS Akula

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R'Rurra is the very model of an extrovert: outgoing, friendly, and indomitably cheerful. She has strong empathy for others, and this is reflected in her bedside manner as a physician. R'Rurra actively seeks attention, and is eager to please others, often taking on the role of entertainer when given the opportunity. She is able to delegate tasks, but often takes on all that is asked of her with little regard to the possibility of being overwhelmed. Even if overwhelmed by the responsibilities she takes on, she is more likely to push ahead with her tasks than to make any complaint.