Dove | Our Next Move

To: @TF.Dove
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: Our Next Move

Good day everyone,

And congratulations to your efforts so far. We have made progress. It has come to my knowledge that we now have a meeting with the Ralin delegate we have been seeking. The time has come to formulate our approach. For that purpose, I ask for suggestions on what we ought to do. In the meantime, I will provide my own plan. If someone has a more opportune course of action, I would very much like to hear it. Despite complications, we have made excellent progress with limited liability. That, in of itself, is commendable.

It is clear to me that the political faction we have interacted with so far is morally upstanding. Our own investigation has found no deception in the cargo that they provide to the lowlier classes on other planets. Their primary bottleneck appears to be funding. Thus, I find myself gravitating towards a specific solution.

What if they were to find a wealthy secret patron? Such as Starfleet itself? In return for funding, they can provide us access to additional politicians, and their own support where we need them. Perhaps they can even expand their own number of seats in the assembly.

It would not be too particularly difficult. I could set up an account in the Ferengi Commerce Authority with enough latinum from a discretionary fund that would not have any direct ties to the 38th. Corruption, certainly, but no ties to our own operations in the region if we go about it carefully.


Do not disseminate this communique to anyone else.

Lieutenant Commander Valore
Office of the Admiralty

OOC I’m so so so sorry for the delay in posting this communication. I’ve been buried in work, my apologies. Anyway, if your characters have other thoughts, let me know.


To: @TF.Dove
From: P01 Brohm
Subj: Re: Our Next Move


Hello sirs! It’s your dastardly pilot here, currently en route back to DS13 after some squadron training excercises. I was thinking to better facilitate our planning process we could- Computer, pause.

Ugh, now? Really?

Hey mom! I’m kind of doing Starfleet stuff. Can I call you back?
Like ten minutes! I promise.
I love you too, mom.

Computer, resu- wait, why didn’t it pause? That’s weird. I’ll just edit it out after.

I was thinking, to better facilitate our planning progress we could meet in person, since it sounds like we should discuss the Commander’s plan! Anyway, the Delta is still in hangar bay 12, so we could meet there. If that’s, you know, clandestine enough. Alright! See you guys there. Unless this is a bad idea, then uhh, let me know. Thanks!

Computer, send.

Wait! I forgot to edit th-

Petty Officer, First Class Chell Brohm
Pilot, Squadron 3
Deep Space 13