[Dove] Personnel Restructuring

To: CPT Valencia, B. (@Sam)
CC: LT Aev (@Aev)
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: Personnel Restructuring

Captain Valencia,

Given recent events and your upcoming bureaucratic hurdles, I believe it to be pertinent to relieve you of any duties and obligations pertaining to Task Force Dove. Thank you for your contributions thus far.

For what it is worth, I hold no personal animosity towards you. Thank you for returning the book, I apologize if it was a dry read.

Lieutenant Commander Valore
Office of the Admiralty


To: LCDR Valore, S
CC: LT Aev
From: CPT Valencia, G
Subj: RE: Personnel Restructuring

Gotta do what’s best for the mission to succeed. Don’t gotta explain that to me.

Buena suerte

Captain Gabriella Valencia
Team Lead - MACO Team 32, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’