[DS13] Annual Security Officer Training Recertification

It is time for annual proficiency training recertification for all Security Officers aboard Deep Space Thirteen. Sessions will continue until all officers have taken the training course. Sessions will involve exercises in firearm proficiency as well as exercises in incident response. Report to Holodeck A at your assigned time.

GM / OOC Contact: @DJMoose

IC Location: Deep Space 13.

OOC Requirements: Open to any Security personnel, Starfleet or Romulan. Would like to have 4 people, plus the GM for a full group.

OOC Notes: IC this will be in one of the Starbase Holodecks. OOC we will be doing some ground instances, plus some RP stuff in the holodeck. If you are interested, please post here so we can agree on a date and time. Otherwise, we can do this spontaneously when enough people are online. Tenative date will be Sunday, July 17th @Gamma.
I'm interested, but will be gone from July 19th to July 26th.
Very interested, I'm available "most" nights after 6pm CST. Sundays would not be one of those nights though as normally I have a closing shift at work.
I may be able to make it on Sunday.
How does Wednesday, July 20th at Gamma (or later) sound? Would that work for those that are interested?

If not I may reschedule this to sometime next month so we have more attendees.
I'll be on my LoA then.
Wednesday would work for me.
Is this still active?
If there are more people with Security Characters that want to be certified, I can do another session. Will be making some changes due to feedback from last time.
Is this station personnel specific or could a non-station security person just passing through the station in need of recertification attend?
I do not see why we can't do ship security personnel, but I did want to keep the group relatively small to keep the length from going too long.
Of course! If the day arrives and you have room in your party, a visiting security officer from another station would be happy to take part.