E'lev by Rhiu

E'lev by Rhiu

Former Ms. Mol'Rhian and current Pontix for the Romulan Flotilla has launched her own clothing line for the smart and sophisticated Rihanh, male and female. Using only the finest quality silks and materials. These lovingly handcrafted garments by the finest craftsman in the Beta quadrant, will cater that refined taste for only those with an eye for fashion and those seeking a personal touch in their clothing.

"E'lev by Rhiu", will personally tailor and create designs that will last until the next century and provide not only clothing for when not serving the Republic but also within; as "E'lev by Rhiu" is the only authorized dealer by the Republic to manufacture and create on duty uniforms.....there's the standard uniform and then there's "E'lev by Rhiu".

Every garment produced under the "E'lev by Rhiu" name brand is personally looked over by T'Rhiu Jarok to ensure that only the finest garments are delivered to the buyer and provides a personal guarantee that is the buyer is not satisfied, T'Rhiu will personally oversee the design and manufacturing process to meet the highest standards of her elite clients.

When standard is not enough, there now is "E'lev by Rhiu". <3