Embassy Security Bulletin.

TO: Romulan Republic Security Forces on secondment to Federation station "Deep Space Thirteen"
CC: -
FROM: Centurion S'Tokkr Kormerek Rallah
SUBJECT: Embassy Security Bulletin.

In light of recent events, I shall remind all security officers at this station to remain vigilant. Additional checks are to be carried out on all cargo entering the Embassy deck or scheduled to be transferred to cross-species co-habitant quarters.

It is also expected that Starfleet Security will also increase their level of vigilance.

In the event of my absence, it is expected that you co-ordinate with Lieutenant Commander Kozath and obey her orders as if they were mine.

There will be no excuse for failing in our duty and I will take it as a personal affront should I find any of you lacking.

Centurion Rallah.
DS13 Embassy Security