Engagement at Korvan III

Earlier today, ships from Task Force Argo joined up elements of the 12th Fleet and the 27th Fighter Wing near Korvan III. The impromptu battle group assembled in response to a sighting of Borg ships approaching the colony. A single Borg Cube and several support vessels dropped out of warp near Korvan V and appeared to be staging for an assault on Korvan III.

Fighter groups from the 27th Fighter Wing, supported by Armitage-class light carriers, harassed the support vessels while the bulk of the fleet engaged the Cube. Casualties mounted as the Cube continued relentlessly towards the colony, despite continued assaults from the battle group. A turn in the battle occurred when the U.S.S. Divinity collided with the Cube. The Divinity had been severely damaged and the surviving crew was ordered to abandon ship. The collision created a fluxuation in the Cube’s shield matrix allowing the U.S.S. Trafalgar to land a crucial hit with a barrage of torpedoes, further destabilizing the Cube’s shields. Credit for the final blow of the conflict goes to the U.S.S. Morai. The Morai, suffering slight engine damage from debris ejected from the dying Cube, destroyed a Borg sphere that was engaging a group of Peregrine-class fighters trying to screen a freighter that had wandered too close to the battle.

A recommendation of commendation has been issued for Captain William Kohler of the U.S.S. Grace Hopper. Captain Kohler used the Grace Hopper as a shield for two heavily damaged ships as they disengaged from the battle. The Grace Hopper absorbed a significant amount of damage before herself being forced to withdraw, saving the other ships and the lives of over 400 crewmen in the process.

Casualty lists will be posted in the usual forum as they become available.

The U.S.S. Belleau Wood and the U.S.S. Trafalgar circle a nav beacon at the end of the battle with two Delta-class shuttles from the 27th Fighter Wing. Debris from the destroyed cube can be seen in the background.