Enjin -> Discourse Transition Information

Hullo, Argo. Welcome to Discourse. :partying_face:

Please bear with us as though a lot of the groundwork has been done already, I’m sure we will be discovering new things and issues as we go and some questions we’ll have answers for while others we’ll have to figure out. But I’m excited to show you what we’ve got here and what possibilities might be unlocked with the features we have here.

First, let’s talk over what’s happened in our move from Enjin to Discourse.

As you can see, we did scrape and pull every damn post from our old Enjin forums and imported them here. This includes the old Staff Support forums, which … none of you can see anymore, because there is no show-only-threads-you’ve-started feature here. But they’re here! Trust me! In that process of migrating posts over, though, there are a few things you should know.

  • Spoiler tags were DESTROYED. Sorta. They’re now all automatically showing with a slightly dumb Spoiler: label in front of it. If we hadn’t done this, then everything in spoiler tags would’ve been hidden with no way to show it.
    (FYI, Discourse does have a version of spoiler tags… but they’re called details instead. so [details=whatever you wanna say] [/details].)

  • HTML formatting was preserved on all imported posts and if you edit an imported post, you will see all kinds of weird markup tags in there with the post content. This is due to how the scraping process worked; we didn’t import posts as they were typed in and saved to the Enjin database, but rather how they looked when published. This allowed us to keep the vast majority of posts looking mostly how they were intended to look.

  • A small percentage (really surprisingly small actually) had self-referencing links; that is, they were links to posts that were also located on the Enjin forums. i.e. when someone was writing a communication and they ICly attached a report or something. In the process of migration, I tried to find all of these links and replace them with the correct links for the new forums. This will not have worked for ALL ENJIN LINKS EVERYWHERE, but it worked for a lot of them, so yay.

  • Imported posts show the username of users who posted them on Enjin. These names were slightly altered (spaces replaced with hyphens, underscore added at the end) to make sure all usernames were free for new user accounts that members will be making.
    This brings me to the first transition Task For Members…

I want my posting history back!

“Katriel,” you say, "We have all our posts here, but we don’t have our posting history. Worse, we don’t have our KUDOS history! Isn’t there any way I can have access to my old posts again?

Yes, you can!! If you would like your old posting (and like) history linked to your new Discourse account, simply post a reply on this thread and state, “YES, I would like my old posting history linked to my new discourse account!” and include your original Enjin user profile ID. This can be found by going back to Enjin and clicking on your own profile, and it’s those numbers at the end of the URL, i.e. https://argo.enjin.com/profile/#########.

I will be doing these in batches at a time and I’ll :heart: your post when I’ve completed it for you.

!!HOWEVER!!, please be aware!!

Due to the process we used to import old posts, the markup code will not be preserved if you edit one of your old imported posts. This will be visibly obvious because you’ll see all of this formatting code/HTML in your post body, but the live preview option shows that none of your formatting will go through. (The live preview is almost always 100% accurate!)

This isn’t to say that you absolutely shouldn’t or can’t go back to old posts, just be prepared for what that will entail. We have also turned editing on back ON on the Enjin forums, so you could feasibly go and find the same post there, click to edit and then copy your post in forum code into the Discourse-version instead and most of those markup options will be acceptable.

In general, I would encourage just starting new threads/topics rather than editing something old, though.

Where is my character dossier?!!?

“Katriel,” you say, "You accidentally put the Dossiers forum down there in the Read Only Archive. How am I supposed to post my super cool character information if I can’t post in there?

An accident you say? :roll_eyes: If it is an accident, then it’s the best accident, because from now on folks,


The new process to get your character onto the official roster and access to your auto-generating character profile is as follows:

  • Fill out this Character Application form. Submitting this form will create a discourse private message, which will always be accessible by going to your discourse message inbox. (Click on your Discourse profile picture in the top right, then click the envelope twice.)

Please do this for every character that you play in the fleet. These private messages are the equivalent of your new character registry threads and you should use these in the future to communicate intended changes, etc., that you’ll need staff assistance on.

For this transition period, however, feel free to not fully answer the longer form questions on the form for any characters that were already approved. ALSO, if you are posting to a ship or you have a starship that needs to be added, please mention it in the last field of your character application.

  • Staff will input your character’s info into the database and then let you know when it’s done.

  • Access the new Character Coordinator tool. (You can also get there by clicking on the dropdown menu on the left side of your profile picture in the top right of the site, then going down to My Characters.)

Your character(s) should show up in the dropdown menu there and you can edit to your heart’s content.

I … think that just about covers all the really big things! Again, I’m sure there’s going to be new growing pains we have to go through with all of this new stuff here, so as you explore around, ask questions and get either answers or blank faces that will quickly turn into problem-solving faces as we try to fix it!

Thank you all for your patience during all of these proceedings!

Oh, and lastly…

:blossom::sunflower: R.I.P. Enjin :sunflower::blossom:
We knew you … just enough. Thanks for all the fish!

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Please import my old posting history from https://argo.enjin.com/profile/4156791
Thank you!

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I’d like my own posting history too; https://argo.enjin.com/profile/16032204

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gimme gimee gimee post historee https://argo.enjin.com/profile/14405119

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YES, I would like my old posting history linked to my new discourse account!


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Yes pls, I would cordially request my post history. https://argo.enjin.com/profile/10374086

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YES, I would like my old posting history linked to my new discourse account!


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Posting history please


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That thing we all doing with the stuff, thanks!


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This is my old posting history. I’d greatly appreciate if you could connect it:


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YES, I would like my old posting history linked to my new discourse account!


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Name changed, but still me :)

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YES, I would like my old posting history linked to my new discourse account!


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I would appreciate linking my old profile :smile:

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Yes, I would like my old posting history linked to my new discourse account!


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gimme those sweet sweet kudos pls.


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History linkening, plzthx


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Hi, guys.

For reference, if you intend to have your post history/likes/etc. transferred, please do not LIKE any beforetimes-Enjin posts until I get the chance to do your transfer.

It turns out that’s bad and causes a conflict. :yum:


Could you move mine over, too?


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Post history please! Thanks! https://argo.enjin.com/profile/16644731

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