Failure to recusitate - Tamara Cren.

Patient: Tamara Cren.
Species: Trill with symbiotic interface to "scarf".

PO Foster reporting.

Responding to bio-bed medical alert.

Patient appeared to be unconscious and non-responsive.

I attempted stabilizing the patient using bio-bed systems. Increasing oxygen flow to the patient and artificially stimulating patients cardio-vascular systems.

Applied Lectrazine, Synaptizine and Cortolin as a last resort. Usage and dosage logged by bio-bed systems.

Applied emergency resucitation units and neurological stimulator.

Deduced main cause of biological systems failure due to lack of external power source.

Identified power source as defunct "Scarf" object.

17:04 Station time. Patient did not respond to resuscitation attempt due to lack of artificial power source.

This is in keeping with similar deaths reported by attempted Borg Liberation.

Bio-bed log verifies.

Duty Medical officer to sign off on report.

Duty Coroner to review.

Station management to be appraised.

Internal affairs to be notified due to presence of multiple officers at time of cardio-vascular failure.

- PO Robert Foster. Starfleet science Division. Borg Liberation project.
(( Paxal, Ok, I can't quite figure out what is going on here. Did a liberated Borg Trill die at the station while wearing a scarf? Was it at our station or some other station? Tamara Cern isn't on the roster, so is this just an NPC? ))
((Areyis's AAR clarifies some things, I think. Tamara Cren is an NPC, but there was some mention of her a little while ago in dossiers.))
((Areyis didn't know much about Tamara himself))
((To clarify. Tamara Cren. an NPC, was being supported by an external power source hidden in a semi-autonomous scarf. When the scarf-thing was killed, the sudden lack of power killed Cren.))