FEB 4: Return of the Godship

Captain Freeman's needs a team to go back to the G183-A system for a survey mission.


When: Saturday, 4 February @ beta shift

Where: Ship Bridge/Risa Map (maybe)

What: Survey Mission

OOC point of contact: @EledriPrime


OOC: This mission will take place primarily on a ship's bridge, with potential for a ground map. It is primarily for Base officers, but will be open to those available at the time as well.
Very excited for this. UNEVENTFUL, TROUBLE-FREE, BY-THE-BOOKS routine survey missions are right up my alley (please ensure you fill out the required forms before departure).
Yeah... about that Caspius... Are we planning to somehow do this still or no?
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Tilly was to be the GM, so my assumption hadbeen not.
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Tilly was to be the GM, so my assumption hadbeen not.

Indeed, there were to be follow-ups/implications to this event also, I don't think it can go ahead without Tilly.
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Please hold on this. We know this is still here, we are working on plan of action.
I will try to be there but I can not guarantee my presence :d
Well, Tau can still be there to lead the ship out regardless :)
I will try to be there. What could possibly go wrong?
I will eat your kittens?
Update: this event will be going forward as planned.

Eledri/Tilly will be GMing, as is written.
Just so everyone is aware, this is still happening, but I'm cutting out the briefing section, and going straight to the bridge. Info will be given by me, and then we'll start.

There may also be a section where we will be using the Risa map, specifically the tunnels near the top of the mountain.
Just a note about today's event: This will be a one ship mission, that ship will be the USS Atlantis.

I would encourage anyone wanted to join us to either use a Base Character, or one of your characters who are not a Captain.
Log to Return of the Godship

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