Federation Ambassador | To: VADM Amiri; CAPT Caspius;

Security Level 1 - Open

TO VADM Amiri; CAPT Caspius;
CC --
FROM Perim, N.

SUBJ Federation Ambassador

Admiral, Captain,

I can't tell you how pleased I am for the opportunity to be sending you this message. As I'm sure you're aware, the Federation has not had an ambassador posted on Deep Space 13 since the departure of Saya of Vulcan in 2416. The administration has decided that now this the time to end that vacancy.

Attached you will find notice of my appointment to the role of regional ambassador-at-large from the Secretary of the Exterior, and a copy of a letter of credence signed by President Okeg, to be kept on file for the duration of my tenure. I would greatly appreciate a personal meeting with each of you to discuss my role in the region, the services offered by my office, and the status of current events.

I expect to arrive on DS13 later today via the transport SS Zephyr, which will require authorization to approach and dock. I will also require permanent accommodations aboard, whenever they can be made available.

I look forward to speaking with you in person.

Neema Perim
Federation Ambassador

//ATTACHMENT// DOE Notice of Appointment
//ATTACHMENT// Letter of Credence (SECURED)