Feeling blue - Colum in The New Federation Times

From Darkness comes Color.

A vast darkness is how the federation describes a lot of the space we see just outside of the quadrants. Far spaces specs of twinkling that form regions and galaxies alike. Minor galaxies within major ones. Wormholes moving our thoughts further than we ever could imagine. A single small action can create a ripple in the entire universe. An accident on Qo'nos can make an ambassador of the Federation miss a meeting and can make a war spike between two species, merely coincidence. Everything in the galaxy seems to be coincidence. How else can we explain the horrible wars and crimes. Are they not merely opportunists?

Opportunists that are lurking around every corner, complete spices made for these actions. Not naming anyone, but it is the truth anyhow. There seems to be species for everything in our galaxy. Opportunists, Anarchists, Imperials, Republicans, Warriors and poets. Yet, under the common threat they seem to unite. That vast darkness lighting up a bit, radiating the heat of passion, love and care outwards into the universe. For all to see that we are not only together for a common enemy, we are together to advance together. Why would we still focus on each other anyway? Who is to know what is out there.

My own culture was divided in three before we created a united nation in the occurrence of a group of people that called themselves the Federation. We fought together with them, yet we didn't know them. Now, we respect each other and we are part of them. That is how it will always go when you put out a helping hand. We shouldn't focus on our differences, but focus on how we can help each other overcome our inherent failures. Our wrong sides to be erased. However, we must remain our identities. Enjoy what another culture offers you, but never overindulge. Remember where you come from, remember where your heart was created when your parents thought up your existence and your tiny life sparked into reality. For only then we can truly learn.

Quadrants, never change who you are, but become brothers instead of allies. For once we are one big family that helps when one member falls, but all have different ideas, then we will one day move out of our current boundaries. Go further than the reaches of our Galaxy and enter those beyond. So that there is no more vast darkness, but only color in every reach of the universe.

Rix Brot'la
Starfleet Commander and Chief Engineer of Deep Space 13
Writing a colum for The New Federation Times