Fleet Adjutant Assignment

To: CAPT Morton @LobsterEater
CC: @38th.Command; CMDR Blake;
From: VADM Aluk
Subj: Fleet Adjutant Assignment

Captain Morton,

The 38th Fleet has been without an adjutant for the past six months. I have selected you to fill this vacancy, effective immediately. You are ordered to report promptly to Deep Space 13 to begin your assignment.

Upon your arrival, you are to transfer command of USS October to Commander Blake, pending crew rotation and assignment of a new permanent commanding officer.

If you feel it necessary, you may postpone the start of your new duties for up to 48 hours to dispense with any unresolved emotions in a culturally appropriate manner.


Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: VADM Aluk
CC: @38th.Command; CMDR Blake;
From: CAPT Morton
Subj: RE: Fleet Adjutant Assignment

Orders acknowledged, USS October scheduled for rendezvous with Deep Space 13 within 10 hours where command of vessel will be transferred to Commander Kara Blake upon arrival. Thank you for consideration with cultural transition and tradition, I shall report to station upon disembarkation.

Captain Coby Morton
Commanding Officer,
USS October